Log Shed for Firewood [5m3]

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Property managers ask the cabin to shed sellers for finding a storage unit that is well ventilated to store firewood and fuel. Eurodita recommends them Timber Gazebo for the same. This firewood storage shed encourages the nature to dry and season the freshly split woods and firewood as quickly as possible. Whether it is wood for a backyard BBQ or lighting-up the fireplace, dried logs are necessary. This log shed by Eurodita ensures a safe house for logs of all types, even during the wet and humid seasons. Seasoning logs take time, and this timber storage shed can be used for long-term log stocking.


  • Safe Storage: The fuel storage place keeps the logs dry and has a lesser risk factor that tends to spoil the combustibility of the wood. It keeps the records from touching the soil
  • Smart Design: The firewood storage shed has a compact design, implying that it can be held in the backyard, veranda, near the garage, in the garden, or anywhere in the premises that have limited exposure to sunlight and rain.
  • Exclusive Dealership Program: As the supplier of log structure assortment, offers a unique arrangement whereby you, the dealers, receive the products for the private label through an agreement that no third-party dealer sells the company’s products in your area.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Firewood storage 5m3
  • Firewood Storage Wall thickness 19mm
  • Firewood storage wall size 2190x1140mm
  • Firewood storage ridge height 2000mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Bitumen roof covering
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