Modern garden shed [1.3×2.3m]

  • Modern garden shed 1.3×2.35
  • Modern garden shed  Wall thickness 19mm
  • Modern garden shed wall size 1300x2350mm
  • Interlocking garden shed ridge height 2000mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Double wooden door, plexiglass
  • Bitumen roof covering


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Sometimes you want both but it just proves to be not possible. Too expensive or too difficult. Requiring too much work or all of the things mentioned before. So take a chance and offer your clients a revelation. A simple workshop would be great as well as a log storage place. In a package of one Eurodita Sheds Direct can offer you a log cabin and not one, but two wood storage space. It’s a simple option in a brilliant package, it’s a great option for every customer who is looking for a practical solution. This is a workplace next to a summerhouse, a must-have space next to any of the garden sheds, a great solution to have two instead of one. And it is easy to build as well and the materials used in this log cabin-cum-log storage space are just brilliant. It will definitely find its admirers.

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