Log Shed [3.2×2m]

Eurodita is among the most trusted names for meeting the demands of garden furniture dealers, garden home sellers & log structure suppliers. With a reliable supply chain for bespoke log pavilion and firewood storage units


For homes and other accommodation structures in areas beset with problems like humid conditions and high moisture seepage from the soil or adjoining buildings, Eurodita Log Shed can be a great choice with its natural ability to resist moisture ingress and prevent issues like warping. This bespoke log pavilion has been sized and designed up to global standards for energy efficiency and green performance – a reason why most cabin-rental retailers and campsite managers are ordering this unit in large numbers.


  • Hassle-Free Installation: The biggest problem in the Garden Shed marketplace is the difficulty of installation. Often, property managers complain about a standalone or corner design where the facility becomes an ill-fit for the property in question. Our cabin log home dealers have been able to sell this garden pavilion, proposing it as the most versatile, easy to manoeuvre and the most space-conscious timber unit.
  • Persuade Creative Heads: Eurodita garden home is stronger and more welcoming than traditional structures. Some people have turned this logging unit into a workshop shed or an art studio combining the rustic look and aesthetic appeal – without the need to worry about the outdoor performance.
  • Private-Label Supplier: Many dealers working with the state or federal governments have been able to get bulk orders of this garden pavilion. Our confidentiality agreement ensures that we remain the supply partner only, never disclosing the supply chain dynamics.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Eurodita Log Shed: 19mm wall thickness
  • Log shed wall size: 320x200cm
  • Log shed inside size: 288x188cm
  • Canopy size: 18cm
  • Sidewall height: 197cm
  • Ridge height: 224cm
  • Inside area: 5.4m2
  • Roof boards thickness: 19mm
  • Floorboards thickness 19mm
  • Door size: 84x182cm
  • Packing size: H35x120x320cm
  • Package weight: 379kg
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