Log Shed 3.2x2m

Eurodita Log Shed 19mm wall thickness 
Log shed wall size 320x200cm
Log shed inside size 288x188cm
Canopy size 18cm
Sidewall height 197cm
Ridge height 224cm
Inside area 5.4m2
Roof boards thickness 19mm
Floorboards thickness 19mm
Door size 84x182cm

Packing size H35x120x320cm
Package weight 379kg
Units per lory 40psc


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Just when that little bit more of storage is needed. This log cabin comes in and offers a great solution for every customer around. It kills the times when people had to work weeks to build proper garden sheds to store their belongings. This is a storage space, a log cabin that can serve the most basic needs without a fuss and without any trouble. It is a cheap log cabin that is easy to build, that is easy to maintain, and that, in addition to all of this, has a wide double door, so fitting equipment in and getting it out will not be a trouble.

It is made out of the 19-millimetre thick timber of Siberian spruce, that is both reliable and lightweight – just like this log cabin, it will serve you for a long time. If you need a storage space – you’ve just got to pick one of these garden sheds.

Contact Eurodita Sheds Direct if you are any more questions or enquiries about this log cabin or any other of our products – we will be glad to help.