Log Shed [2×2m]

Eurodita is trending in the log cabin homes marketplace, supplying the dealers and distributors the best designed and priced backyard log cabins, playhouses, garden home kit for permanent and temporary lodging.


Eurodita Log Shed serves as a perfect extension to houses or campsite accommodations to host family gatherings, office meetings, impromptu parties, and can also be double-up as the extra guest room. The Oriented Strand Board (OSB) roofing provides sturdiness and all-weatherproofing to the backyard log cabin – a feature highly upsells by property developers and vacation home dealers. The customised log pavilion can be used as an extension to the garden or backyard, an extra lodging space for RV sites, campsites, an outhouse or children play house.


  • Dynamic Uses: Some dealers have been able to sell this log shed house as utility tiny home. The versatile range of uses includes using the area for storing vintage or antique items, prepping it for a showcase of hard-earned collections, or daytime activities like playful, after-school hours.
  • OSB Roofing: This garden shed cabin features OSB roof sheathing bonded with resins, that provides stiffness and strength to the structure.  Many home builders and developers prefer this market this roofing style to the customers as it allows for a safe abode to the occupants.
  • Garden Room: Eurodita seasonal log shed caters highly to the needs of a better garden and home organisation. Surrounded by flowering planters, the wooden shed can be a DIY thing for landscaping ideas. Fitted with a desk and chair, it can be customised as an outdoor office shed or meeting room.


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Technical Specifications

  • Log Shed: 2x2m
  • Eurodita Log Shed 19mm wall thickness
  • Log shed wall size: 200x200cm
  • Log shed inside size: 188x188cm
  • Canopy size: 9cm
  • Sidewall height: 183cm
  • Ridge height: 218cm
  • Inside area: 3.53m2
  • Roof OSB thickness: 12mm
  • No Floor
  • Door size: 118x176cm
  • Packing size: H23x110x200cm
  • Package weight: 210kg
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