Log Shed [2×2.5m]

Eurodita is trending big across the European marketplace that has stringent quality standards for manufacturers-suppliers of timber homes and bespoke log pavilions. Trust Eurodita for genuine wooden carports, camping buses, BBQ huts, and glamping units!


Real estate planners struggle to create a greenhouse or garden area with storage space when space is not easily accessible. This is where Eurodita Log Shed can help! Dealers have been able to sell this bespoke log pavilion for the most cramped locations. The smart floor plan means property designers can promote the shed for replenishing planters, keeping seasonal produce, creating fertiliser mixes, undertaking DIY furniture-making projects, or stocking gardening gear. The minimalist design perhaps does not yield the fact that this shed can be a lot more than just ample storage space.


  • Low Maintenance: The natural treatment of wood gives the satisfaction of complete durability. The lifespan of this wooden summerhouse can be shockingly big. Eurodita log sheds can be easily used as personal working space by college students, work-at-home dads, hobbyist moms, and project-work children
  • FSC Certification: This log pavilion is built from responsibly sourced forest wood. The ecologically conscious design means low carbon footprints. There is a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification to ensure green consumerism advocates have no worries when buying these
  • Globally Relevant: For properties in areas with the strictest green building standards, this timber cabin can be a smart pick. It has been designed to uphold the best in global energy-saving measures for outhouses and property annexes—a fact Eurodita dealers use to sell these units in the most robust marketplaces!


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Technical Specifications:

  • Interlocking garden shed: 2×2.5m
  • Interlocking garden shed Wall thickness: 19mm
  • Interlocking garden shed wall size: 2000x2500mm
  • Interlocking garden shed ridge height: 2150mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Double wooden door, Plexiglas
  • Bitumen roof covering
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