Log Shed [1.8×1.8m]

Eurodita is a popular name in the timber industry for log solutions, emerging as the largest supplier of log structures like cabins, pavilions, patio furniture, and outdoor towers. Expect B2B immediate answers with a distinct pricing advantage.


Whether you are looking for a small home-like unit, corner shack, bike shed, seasonal summerhouse, or a place to lock away the family heirlooms, Eurodita Log Shed provides the maximum scope for personalised usage. Using advanced German technologies and building practices, the garden log pavilion has been created with an emphasis on durability, reliability, all-weather protection and eco-friendliness. It can be the ideal tool-storage space or use it as a potting shed for your organic garden. The portable log shed caters to all outdoor log home and additional space requirements, equally apt for the countryside, mountainside, campsite or ocean-side homes, similarly relevant for suburban and urban locations. This outdoor living unit has residential-standard strength, and it performs equally well in high humidity or high heat zones, needing negligible care.


  • Modifiable Design: Eurodita backyard log units do not have fixed designs. These units can be custom fitted for different locations and client demands. Repeatedly ordered by architects and landscapers, these garden sheds are emerging across holiday locations of all types
  • Portable Shed: This easy-to-assemble and the bespoke wooden shed are easy to market as it is lightweight and easy to set-up. No need to wait for summers or more transparent weather conditions—this storage shed is positioned uniquely in the log cabin marketplace
  • Usage Range: Uses of this garden shed continue to expand and surprise dealers and buyers. The natural woodshed is used at par with a garage, basement or workshop, besides being used as a warehouse, storage space, makeshift cellar, study room, project room, or a hideout for the kids


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Technical Specifications:

  • Interlocking garden shed: 1.8×1.8m
  • Interlocking garden shed Wall thickness: 19mm
  • Interlocking garden shed wall size: 1800x1800mm
  • Interlocking garden shed ridge height: 2150mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Double wooden door, Plexiglas
  • Bitumen Roof Covering


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