Log shed 1.8×1.8m

  • Interlocking garden shed 1.8×1.8
  • Interlocking garden shed Wall thickness 19mm
  • Interlocking garden shed wall size 1800x1800mm
  • Interlocking garden shed ridge height 2150mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Double wooden door, plexiglass
  • Bitumen roof covering


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With only 1 meter 80 centimetres in area, this log cabin might not as well be possible to use as a summerhouse. However, it’s a very easy to build storage option that looks very good on the eye. Azur is built out of 19-millimetre thick timber of Siberian spruce which is not a lot but it also gives this model highly desired lightweight structure which remains to be strong and sturdy but can also be very easy to transport.

Whether it’s for your own needs or for your customers, these log cabins will find their place. Store your tools, your bikes or use it as an extra workshop – it stands tall in 2 meters 15 centimetres so this cheap log cabin still has enough space for some people to turn around – so what matters now is how can you use many of its advantages.

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