Log Shed for Firewood [2m3]

Based in Lithuania, Eurodita has established its reputation as the innovator of some of the most sturdy and durable log structures like cabins, garden cabins, wooden furniture, playhouses, and BBQ huts.


The property developers often ask cabin dealers and retailers for sheds that can be used as additional storage spaces at the residential properties. They recommend Firewood Storage 2m3, a log organising shed. Rather than using a tarp or plastic sheeting to blanket a stack of firewood logs, this the ensure smarter, more comprehensive storage and protection. There is room for ventilation as some firewood logs need to be seasoned and exposure to air, controlled exposure, is critical. Constructed using the best lumber in the market, the wooden pavilion has private spaces on the sides for air circulation. It thus keeps the firewood dry. Besides being used as a storage space, the timber shed looks great around urban-looking buildings. The log shed can also be used as a play area, gym and storage for garden supplies.


  • Bitumen Roofing: The garden shed features shingle roofing, a reliable and durable roofing system that can withstand heavy showers and storms. The bitumen shingles add flair to the wooden hut. The best part, the roofing system is easy to install. Durability and affordability make it a wise investment.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: What makes this Nordic timber shed a prominent name among the retailers is its structure. Made using the best wood in the industry, the shed gives an eye-pleasing look to the garden. It blends easily with residential buildings and surroundings.
  • Impeccable Delivery: As the supplier of most robust timber assortment, Eurodita ensures perfect service when it comes supplying the log shed kits. The supplier shares cordial relations with regional courier services, logistics partners, offshore warehousing facilities, and international delivery partners.


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Technical Specifications:

  • Firewood storage 2m3
  • Firewood storage Wall thickness 19mm
  • Firewood storage wall size 1820x750mm
  • Firewood storage ridge height 2000mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Bitumen roof covering


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