Firewood storage 2m3

  • Firewood storage 2m3
  • Firewood storage Wall thickness 19mm
  • Firewood storage wall size 1820x750mm
  • Firewood storage ridge height 2000mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Bitumen roof covering

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This is a simple wood storage space every garden should have. It is here to make sure that the logs used in every garden remain to have the best quality possible. Special spaces on the sides allow the air to circulate, therefore allowing the logs to stay dry and the high-quality timber used in the production of this wood storage allows us to create a great design that fits everything – it looks great in the area full of log cabins and it looks just great around more urban-looking buildings.

It is made using the 19-millimetre timber made out of Siberian spruce – the same material used in the creation of our finest premium garden sheds. Allow your customers to get the best quality products made out of the best quality materials.

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