Log Shed [1.8×1.3m]

Eurodita has carved a niche in the international market with the introduction of log cabins, wooden shed, camping pods to Garden Homes, Sauna Barrels, & BBQ Hut Grills.


Eurodita Log Garden Shed is an epitome of ecologically smart lifestyle trends. The wooden shed ensures brighter, more comprehensive storage and protection for lawn-care tools, standing shelves, paint buckets, ladders, or camping accessories and training gear. Eurodita garden sheds is an accent to the existing garden setup. Thus, the huts are in high demand by the property managers, wooden shed suppliers and log shed wholesalers to offer a clutter-free storage solution to their clients. The wood timber shed by Eurodita are readily available and can be customised as an outdoor office dropped as well.


  • Sturdy Material: Use of exceptional quality Nordic Timber offers optimum performance and adds to the durability. The soft texture of wood and the smart-design contributes to creating a safe, hospitable environment. For this reason, the dealers demand these lifestyle & landscaping sheds to meet the varying demands of the patrons.
  • Spacious: Unlike the industrial storage buildings, these garden cabins are a perfect fix for property managers and have some of the unique features of an outdoor storage building. With strong weather-proofing, the provided space in a wooden shed is enough to store volatile compounds, sprays, harmful gardening weed killers, and solvents.
  • Customisation Ready: Eurodita gives a lot of room for personalisation. Add a personalised touch to make each unit look like an extension of the home or for a better garden organisation. This is indeed a reason, why Eurodita log sheds are being bought in huge numbers by the garden shed dealers.


Most Suitable Log Cabins at Eurodita!


Technical Specifications:

  • Interlocking garden shed 1.8×1.3
  • Interlocking garden shed Wall thickness 19mm
  • Interlocking garden shed wall size 1800x1300mm
  • Interlocking garden shed ridge height 2150mm
  • Superior quality Nordic timber
  • Double wooden door, plexiglass
  • Bitumen roof covering
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