Woodwork Hazards: 3 Things That Make Woodwork Tricky

Woodworking is an art that has been around for over a millennium. The use of wood for making log cabins isn’t new; in fact, it goes back to the Bronze Age, where people in Northern Europe started building log homes as a more sustainable option. The idea was later brought to North America and have become a part of American architecture ever since.

What has changed during this period, are the methods and tools used for woodworking. Previously, woodworking was considered to be a hazardous job and had several risks associated with it. However, with the advancement in technology, woodwork contractors began using specialized tools that minimized these risks.

That was until DIY tutorials and manuals made it look all too easy, which it’s not. If you’re a cabin dealer supplying log structures and don’t have the skilled staff for it, we recommend outsourcing your woodworking needs and here’s why.

Image showing log homes for sale

1. Manual Risks

Woodworking and manufacturing of log structures requires individuals to lift bulky weights and assembling them in order to create the final structure. While a professional woodworking facility has the appropriate equipment for it, your worker does all of this manually. Lifting heavy weights for prolonged durations increases the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Similarly, the cutting of wood creates splinters that can result in cuts and injuries. At a professional woodworking facility, we utilize thick gloves for wood cutting, thus avoiding the risk of injuries.

2. Noise Exposure

Woodworking increases an individual’s noise exposure, which ultimately takes a toll on their hearing and may result in hearing disability, in worse cases. At a specialized woodworking facility, workers utilize hearing protectors and low-noise tools to minimize their noise exposure.

3. Exposure to Wood Dust

Image showing log cabin garage

Like we said, woodworking is a complex job that has several risks associated with it. By hiring an untrained worker for the job, you’re not only compromising on the quality of work but on their safety as well.

Wood processing results in the emission of wood dust that upon inhalation, can lead to asthma, lung diseases, and even cancer in case of hardwood dust.

Keeping these factors in mind, it’s better to outsource all your woodwork in order to ensure the safety of your staff. A professional woodwork contractor has the specialized tools and machinery that workers can utilize to deliver quality work with minimum health risks.

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