Wooden Play Tower: Why You Should Never Compromise on Playground Structures

A school playground is perhaps the most attractive place for children. It’s the place where they make friends and spend the most joyous time on wooden play tower. However, they can also be the most hazardous space for children, as it’s the place where they sustain the most injuries. A study suggests that more than 40,000 children sustain injuries in the school playground—a reason why schools put adequate thought into choosing playground structures. Image showing playhouses for sale But as a supplier of playground structures, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that your provided playground structure is compliant with the safety standards, and ensures the safety of students. Here’s why you should never compromise on the quality of playground structures.

Fall-Related Injuries

Injuries and falls are inevitable during playing—however, what can be avoided is the effect they have on children. Children often tumble from the playground structures and the absence of a proper cushioning material is what intensifies the severity of these falls. More often than not, they fall on concrete a floor, which causes them to sustain injuries and fractures. When purchasing a playground structure, always check for the presence of a shock-absorbing surface. We recommend choosing a structure that contains at least 12-inches of cushioning materials like wood fibers, pea gravel, and sand.

Constructional Fault for Wooden Play Tower

Playground structures with sharp edges and protruding bolts can harm children while they’re jumping from swing to swing. Moreover, extra spaces between the swing hook and chain can catch a child’s clothing as they attempt to jump off from the swing. Image showing wooden play tower While buying a playground structure, ensure that the structure is free from any sharps edges and hooks that can result in any potential injury.

Strangulation Hazards

Inappropriate spacing between guard rails is another potential hazard with playground structures. Spacing that’s greater than 3.5-inches and lesser than 9-inches hold a strangulation risk as a child’s neck or head can get trapped between them. If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer of wooden play tower in Lithuania, get in touch with Eurodita! We provide the safest playground structures that are manufactured while keeping the safety standards in mind. In addition to that, we offer bespoke playground structures, quality wooden garden furniture, camping pods, hot tubs, and more at economical rates. Each article in our extensive collection is crafted using the finest Nordic timber, which is one of the sturdiest timbers available in the market. Contact our representatives to place an order or to learn more about our exclusive dealership program.