Will Your Customers Need a Planning Permission for Their Log Cabin?

As a log cabin retailer, there goes more into running a successful business than just providing your customers high-quality log cabins. You must also be able to guide them on all things related to log cabins and answer any questions that they may have about adding a log cabin to their property.

One common question that people often ask about log cabins is:

Do log cabins require planning permission?

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, planning permission is a formal document, issued by a local council, verifying that the planned development conforms to the building codes of that particular jurisdiction.

Do your customers need a planning permission for their log cabin?

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The answer to this question depends on where your customers are located.

Every country has its own laws for building permit and planning permission, and as such, your customers will have to follow what their local law says.

For example, in the UK, homeowners don’t need to get a planning permission if they plan to add the cabin within 2m of their property boundary. Also, the cabin must have the highest eaves height of 2.5m and a ridge height of 4m to be classified under permitted development.

In contrast, log cabin planning permission laws in Spain are far stricter, where some jurisdictions make the permit mandatory for homeowners regardless of the nature of construction.

Expanding further, inthe Republic of Ireland, property owners are free to build a log cabin without needing a planning permission as long as their cabin isn’t “oversized” according to the local law.

So, in short, it all depends on which part of the world you are.

Generally speaking, the larger a log cabin is,and the closer it is to the property boundary, the higher the chances are that your customers will need a planning permission to build it.

We’d advise checking with your local council for tailored guidance.

Where is your customer base located?

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