Eurodita Log Cabins Manufacturing

Delivery Services

Our growing demand through the years has produced the need for international delivery and transport. Our fleet is dependable and timely for time sensitive orders. We handle delivery ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction and provide quality control right to your business.

Our international clientele depend on timely delivery and we deliver on our promise with our own transport fleet. We are serious about the reliability of our delivery team and it shows.

We have relationships with the top carriers that provide the ability to deliver without delay to our international clientele. We stand behind our timeline which is one to four weeks from order to delivery right to your door. The details of your order decide how long it will take. Customized deliveries usually take longer to deliver but we will work within our set timeline for top notch service on demand.

Eurodita is very serious about timely delivery and even with the complicated logistics of the European market we will cut through the red tape and deliver fine quality log cabins set to our customer specifications every time. Our fleet guarantees that our customers can expect timely and dependable service

We pride ourselves on handling your order from production to delivery. Depending on one company for all of your needs when ordering log cabins and storage sheds is excellent. We handle the whole chain of logistics for our customers so that deliveries arrive right on time every time.

Eurodita handles everything so that our products arrive undamaged and on time for our loyal international customer base. We guarantee our services give one hundred percent satisfaction because we back every order from materials to delivery. Expect the best from Eurodita on all your log cabins and structures because we deliver.

Features and Benefits

Eurodita offers a wide variety of excellent log cabins and buildings. Our log cabins and structures are built with Nordic Spruce which is a quality timber from start to finish.

We offer our dealers quality products with low costs. We can provide this because we have a lower overhead handling the whole chain of logistics. Our company is unique and built for excellence.

Our dealers are smart and come to us to provide that quality assurance every time knowing that we provide assistance from design order to delivery for all of our international clients from retail to wholesale.

Laminated Log Houses

Our log houses are built for year round living. We provide sturdy log houses that comfort and contain family living for our customers. We will design the perfect log home with a thicker Nordic Spruce wood that delights our clientele. The difference is in our attention to detail and quality wood manufacturing. Our log homes provide thirty percent more protection from the elements giving a thermal protection that most companies do not offer in their designs.

Log Cabins

Our log cabins offer the same quality as our log homes with sturdy designs that ensure protection from the elements that our competitors do not offer. We do not cut costs so our structures last for years of quality satisfaction.

We offer a variety of log cabins to delight our customer fan base. Our customers can add and select from more of our log structures to add to their log cabins through the years. Our laminated which is glued provides for years of security living in our log cabins.

Storage Sheds

Our laminated wooden storage sheds offer the same quality as our log houses and cabins. This adds to the appeal and adds to our customer ordering for the future to expand protective storage for our clientele.

Play Houses

Our design team has worked very hard to design play houses that last and protect your children from inclement weather. Our play houses are quality designed for children to enjoy for years to come. Your grandchildren will love having a play house of their very own to come and play on holidays and vacation trips.

Wooden Carports

Our wooden carports are designed to fit especially with our log cabins and log homes. Vehicle protection is important keeping vehicles protected from weather damage. Our carports provide sturdy quality coverage for customers and their vehicles.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Afternoon tea in the garden has never been so nice with our quality lasting garden furniture. Add a new piece to your set every year and make it a customized set that you can pass down to your children. Wooden furniture lasts for years and endures the elements. Wood is excellent for weathering storms and providing gorgeous customized pieces that garden lovers will purchase for the elegance and gorgeous quality of Nordic Spruce pieces.

Wooden Hot Tubs

There is nothing more luxurious than the hot tub experience and our wooden hot tubs improve this delightful experience for our customers. Our designs are beautiful and unique for hot tub lovers. We offer customized designs so that our customers can add all the details they want to their brand new Nordic Spruce hot tub from Eurodita.

Playground Sets

Our playground sets are completely one of a kind for children. Offer your customers the fun of designing their own playground set to fit perfectly for their children. Our protective wooden surfaces are designed specifically for safety and fun to last for years.

We add special touches to ensure that our surfaces are protective and sturdy. Playground sets should be sturdy so that they can be enjoyed for many years by active happy children and grandchildren. We offer customized designs to our clientele that include treehouses, swings, picnic tables, ladders and many more fun added attractions. Offer your customers products that they cannot get anywhere else. Eurodita is the leading global supplier of wooden structures.

Eurodita Dealer Advantages

Our selection offers our clientele the best in variety and quality for our clients. Become a Eurodita dealer for your area and your business will skyrocket for exclusively designed wooden products.

Wooden structures are a benefit to the environment and specifically designed for our customers and their tastes. We cater to our customer fan base so that you can cater to your customer fan base. Offer your customers these beautifully designed Nordic spruce homes, cabins and add on structures so they can enjoy their homes and furniture for years to come. Be the only dealer in your area so that you will receive all the premium business that Eurodita brings our dealers.

We strive to be the best so that our dealers can offer the best to their customers years after year and we deliver that quality ourselves ensuring customer satisfaction for every piece. Our quality control delivers gorgeous designs that your customers will love.