Timber houses have some sort of spirit

Timber houses have some sort of spirit around them

There’s something in them that made them relevant for so many years, and even now, in the times of glass and metal, people still come back to them. Maybe it’s the classical design, that leaves us nostalgic. Maybe it’s the wood warmth that makes them so cosy during winter. Maybe it’s the way how seamlessly it fits into the landscape, so well that you are unable to think, how did it look when that log cabin wasn’t there. Or maybe it’s all that together, and so much more.

Prefabricated timber houses are a great option for those, looking for a log cabin but not wanting to spend many months building them. They’re easy to construct, there’s no need for a big team of builders to get it done. As well as it’s not expensive - look at the prices we offer - for a log house, it’s nowhere close to where the price tag might get if you choose to do it all by yourself. House of log timber direct might just be the best option.

Prefabricated timber houses are an option more and more people are considering as their main one when it comes to log sheds, log cabins or even summer houses. It is because there are so many advantages and so much reliability - the interlocking system used in those log cabins is a very reliable one and it surely can stand through many years just as good as the regular options. And even better than some of them - interlocking systems barely suffer from rain, snow and time as the regular metal joints definitely do. Look at our houses of log timber direct in our site and pick the favourite one.

The best materials have to be used if you’re looking for the best result. Only the best Siberian timber has been used in the construction process of these prefabricated timber houses. And the result is staggering. Look around our site, look at the pictures and the plans and make a smart decision - our timber houses are just a brilliant option. Get houses of log timber direct to your home, online. “Eurodita” log cabins are just the right option for those in need of reliability.


This is a great European log cabin that has a big inside area, two windows and a wide double door. This can easily act as a summerhouse – with the area of 16.81 square meter log cabin is pretty big – and this one-room garden shed can fit quite a lot of people, with the right customization and the right furniture. Two windows and windows on the doors give the inside of this log cabin a great of light on sunny days and one meter of extra roof space outside is just about enough to put a garden table and chairs on and have a great summer picnic. With only 28 millimetres or 45mm millimetre thick walls, this garden shed might not be the most reliable winter option – but it is perfect is the warmer months of the year and the lightweight construction makes it easy to build as well. Give your clients a high-class option, a great multipurpose log cabin.

Contact Eurodita Direct for more information about this or any other of our log houses and other timber products. Here we care about each and every one of our customers.

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