Timber Granny Flats | Eurodita Log Structures

When a home feels a little too small for comfort, it may be time to expand to something new.

Millions of homeowners around the world are desperately seeking a little extra space, whether for an art studio, a relative's visit, or an at-home office. Many people dream of a little more room to expand, but the high costs of home renovations are often a deterrent. Building an extra bedroom or bath can cost tens of thousands of dollars, making the investment necessary to add a few hundred square feet unjustifiable.

For those on the hunt for a perfect way to create additional space without the costs associated with remodeling an existing home, a granny flat may be the best possible solution.

What Is a Granny Flat?

A secondary suite, nicknamed the granny flat for its standard use as a housing alternative for aging parents, is a self-contained addition to living space constructed on one's residential property. Ideal for creating an extra bedroom, whether for an adult child or an ill relative, guest quarters, or an at-home workspace, a granny flat offers an affordable, stand-alone solution to residential expansion. Rather than tearing down walls, extending the foundation, and building another bedroom, bathroom, and living space onto an existing home, a granny flat can be installed affordably in the backyard to accommodate any requirements for extra space. Some secondary suites are attached to a home or located very closely to the existing structure, while others are free-standing and fully detached.

How Are Granny Flats Used?

As the name implies, granny flats are frequently purchased as a home for an aging grandparent when there is no additional bedroom or guest suite that can be converted into long-term housing. For families who want to keep elderly parents close by, a granny flat can be a great compromise, offering independence for a relative while maintaining close contact with family members. Granny flats are not grandparent-specific, however; a secondary suite can be used as a guest house for visiting friends and family, a bedroom for an adult child who needs to relocate, a studio space for an artist, or a quiet, secluded home office.

What Come in a Granny Flat?

Most granny flats are designed to serve as a complete, independent living unit. While elements like living room space and laundry units may be shared with the main house, a traditional secondary suite features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette, and small den. Many are no larger than 60 square meters due to zoning regulations, but with a creative footprint, it's possible to create a spacious, comfortable living space. Each suite can be hooked up to the existing residence's water, gas, and electric lines, providing a true home away from home. Granny flats are often sold in pre-fabricated models for easy installation, or can be custom designed to meet personal requirements.

Finding the Right Fit

What works for one property may not work for another, and finding the right fit for a customer's needs is an important part of establishing the perfect granny flat. Eurodita Log Structures is among the top names in log cabin and timber houses, producing quality, eco-friendly solutions for distributors both across Europe and internationally. Our structures are constructed with sustainability and longevity in mind, creating long-term solutions for thousands of applications around the world. We are dedicated to providing low costs at excellent quality in all of our products, including our new line of granny flats.

Our timber granny flats are eco-friendly and come in three unique wall thicknesses designed to help you find a suitable compromise for whatever your property requires: 44 mm, 70 mm, and twin skin 44-100-44 mm walls. Featuring residential-quality double glazed windows and doors for comfort and security and a wide variety of floor plans to suit customer preference, there's nothing our range of granny flats can't do to satisfy a homeowner in need.

Secondary suites offer amazing potential to property owners, providing an opportunity to enhance living space without a significant investment. Eurodita granny homes are solely built from high quality Nordic timber and feature all of the modern amenities necessary for a comfortable life, giving you the peace of mind you're used to while providing your customers with everything necessary for a good night's sleep.