Quality of the Eurodita timber structures- Best of the Best on the market

With a Fantastic conscience 
Each garden building begins with an idea, with your idea of the perfect product. Just as important as these thoughts are the tiny details of the finished product later on. Consequently, it is important to offer the right quality. We choose the best Nordic wood, we utilize modern processing methods along with traditional handicraft and secure packaging. Every one of those features is what makes our products special. 

Best quality 

We've established a quality control system in compliance with the ISO-9001 norm, in order that we may provide high quality to our clients. Additionally, our products come with a 2-year or even 5-year guarantee. 
Certified wood 

We utilize only chosen Nordic wood for all our backyard buildings. Engineered timber, with its elastic properties, is ideal for the usage as building and construction. It grows gradually in colder regions of Europe and therefore it is notably secure and robust authenticity, longevity, structural power and aesthetic look it lends to our cottages. Wood is sustainable and renewable raw material. We support environmental and responsible timber production. For that reason, our raw material management additionally supplies FSC®-accredited wood on request. 


To be able to provide distinctive products to you, we rely on our long-time workers with a great deal of expertise and on our contemporary machines. Trained eyes inspect and sort the materials and building components. Our machines saw, plane and mill the respective parts with millimeter precision into the correct size and desired shape. Prior to the last consignment, everything is scrutinized again and after that cautiously and securely packaged. 

Assembly kit 

Your backyard building is delivered as a complete assembly kit in either one or many packages -- depending upon the size. Inside the assembly kit, your backyard house is methodically stacked onto a one-way pallet, its own completeness is scrutinized and after that, all high-quality details are securely packaged. Obviously, each bundle contains detailed assembly instructions. We suggest you only unwrap the package from its transparency whenever you want to commence building, as the transparency was designed to guard the timber contrary to the weather. In case you don't start with the assembly right after your backyard house has been delivered, please store it in a sterile and UV-protected location. 


You may choose to have your goods delivered to your nearest dealer or directly to your home -- delivered “kerbside”. Your specialist dealer will be glad to calculate your specific and thorough offer. A day and time will be arranged with you before the shipping. Be aware that the vehicles used are extremely large. Access for this sort of vehicles must be possible without constraints, and this will be discussed with you prior to shipping.