My Craft Shed – Ideas For Using an Outdoor Storage Shed As a Craft and Hobby Center


Anyone who loves to do a variety of crafts and hobbies knows just how difficult it can be to find room for everything inside your home. Once you start developing hobbies, the materials and resources you have for that hobby just seem to multiple all on their own. And this makes it very frustrating for you and your family too. You love your hobby and can't resist buying new things for it every time you come across great materials and sales, but your home is overflowing so much that you feel like you can barely walk around everything sometimes.

And this is where storage sheds can be a wonderful addition to your home. Using an outdoor storage shed for your craft materials not only opens up room in your home, it also gives you plenty of space to help keep all your materials more organized. There are many different types of hobbies we all have though, so here are several ideas for how a storage shed can help with one or more of your own, or your family's favorite hobbies.

Whether you love to crochet, knit, sew clothing, create quilts, or embroidery, if you're like the rest of us you have tons of extra supplies. It's just not possible to resist a sale on beautiful yarns or fabrics, and you know you'll use everything sooner or later, right?

Well using a storage shed to keep these materials is an excellent way to keep it from over running your home, and it also does wonders for helping you to keep things organized. When you use a storage building to keep your craft and hobby materials, you can set up small bins on shelves to hold buttons, threads, and scrap materials for instance.

You can also have larger bins and containers to hold your crochet or knitting yarns - in fact you can separate yarns into bins based on projects, or based on colors, then just label the bins so you'll be able to easily find the yarns you want at any time.

Use other bins to hold your fabrics for sewing, scrapbooking or other hobbies too, and again separate these by color, fabric type, or project you plan to use them for.

Try putting in a filing cabinet, shelves, or small bins to hold your project patterns and instructions too. You could have individual binders on shelves for instance, which hold your crochet or knitting patterns, clothing sewing patterns, and Scrapbooks you create too.