Maintenance Tips for Log Garages

Wooden garages are becoming popular, thanks to their immense beauty and sturdiness. More and more homeowners in Lithuania are opting for wooden garages because they’re moisture-resistant, durable, and increase the value of homes.

But just because they’re durable and reliable, doesn’t mean you can skimp out on maintenance. Although wooden garages don’t need a lot when it comes to maintenance, it helps taking preventive measures.

The last thing you’d want is for a customer to come back with a complaint that the garage they’ve bought collapsed.

Here are a couple of maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Check the Overall Condition

Image showing contemporary log homes

Don’t just go for the aesthetics of the garage. Yes, your customers want a beautiful garage but that’s their secondary concern. The garage should be in mint condition. Make sure to check that the doors work properly. Make sure to check there aren’t any leaks or if the screws are loose.

Remember that if you sell a garage that’s built using poor-quality materials, your customers can end up with serious, life-threatening injuries.

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Leaks  

It goes without saying that when it comes to wooden structures, leaks are not a good sign. If the garage is built using both wood and metal materials, rust and fungi will become a major concern.

Make sure to buy from a manufacturer that uses moisture-resistant wooden materials. They should also have a 10-year anti-rot policy.

Image showing need for log mobile homes

Clean and Lubricate the Hardware of the Garage

Don’t forget to lubricate the hardware of the garages. The last thing you’d want is to show a customer a garage, only to be greeted by a noisy door. Squeaks and noises can reduce the value of garages. To combat this problem, occasionally get the doors lubricated.

Clean The Doors Properly

Dust and dirt can become a problem. While they don’t destroy the wooden materials of the garage, a customer being greeted by a dirty and dusty garage will be leave a negative impression of your business.

Make sure to get all the garages cleaned thoroughly every day to avoid such problems.

Grease, debris, dirt, grime, and dust should be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.


With the right measures, maintaining wooden garages isn’t difficult. All you have to do is make sure to follow these simple tips from Eurodita.

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