Log houses = organic house?

Often talking about log homes emphasize environmental sustainability, as one of its key advantages. Okay, so we are builders, not lawyers and can afford to use broad terms ... Lawyers who are accuracy and clarity are important, would not agree with us. But it later.
Are all log houses are environmentally friendly?
The dilemma we face as manufacturers of log houses and buyers who want to live in the house, which is quiet and ashamed before others. The answer to this question can not please everyone. Log houses organically was 200 years ago, to build only an ax and a saw, and other primitive means, and now they are built efficiently, using environmentally friendly materials and is environmentally friendly.
What is 100 percent. green house
Being environmentally-friendly 100 percent the twenty-first century is very difficult. After all, the past was simpler ... And this was due to the fact that the world did not know of advanced building technologies and tools. The big question - whether the environmental worth one hundred percent refuse to excellent engineering solutions? Let us be more specific.
Any house needed foundation. Log houses commonly used drilled or tape, molded from concrete. But the most concrete production technology is environmentally friendly, so the house is also not 100 percent organic. What is the solution? Use stones and clay. Only to find such masons capable of mixed rock-solid mixture of clay and bricked in a regular band of the foundation stone will be broken by hand difficult.
Let's say, the foundation - already solved the problem. Where else having problems? Woodworking process now used advanced computer controlled cutting machine. This is effective and accurate. They are cutting in wood achieve very good results, but to build a green house, we should give them up and found cut dvitraukiu saw cortical hand using a special semicircular debarking knife or hatchet. Found in drying? Only in the summer, but the sun. So we should prepare the material over the summer, and the construction of the autumn.
Log processing is not the biggest problem. Their reinforcement and insulation - a real headache. This calls for special skills and experience to make a simple hand saw išpjautume found Fits exactly as needed. Nails - no problem. Centuries ago was used wooden pegs or sausage kanapinėmis ropes. This can be done today. The insulation is already complicated. If you want to make the house look nice, clay, moss probably we do not use caulk cracks. There remains only one effective insulation method - sheep's wool. They really can find to any farmer, raising a few sheep.
The roof is another problem, because it can only cover with straw or shingles. The straw is now a problem because modern harvester wheat arrange instantly, leaving only chopped straw. They are suitable only be added to a mixture of clay and worked stone foundations. It remains shingle. You joyful news - shingle or a small table, comes back into fashion and many wooden houses are covered with them precisely. Lithuania is perfectly suited for spruce and pine tables, although the ideal would be larch. The nails should be pasikankinti again, but everything is possible.
Both need to endure suffering, that the house would be 100 percent. eco-friendly. But it is not so, probably because the windows pig guts stall and pick normal glass windows. Glass windows are made only by industry, so the environment here has no smell ...
About handmade prices dare not even think ...
What is the term preferred in our house?
We Eurodita manufacture of log homes that are friendly to the environment and humans. Letter - a natural tree, which has no static charge, therefore it does not attract dust and allergies do not. We also use the highly effective insulating materials in order to avoid additional investment in insulation materials that the ecology has nothing to do. So far, we say just because the wool is not yet as widespread as mineral wool. Finishing do the plates, which are professionally cut out the sawmill. All wood is dried in special drying chambers in the shortest possible time. Really we can not wait a few months until the timbers to dry naturally. Moisture percentage - one of the most important energy house class indicators.
The production process is completely environmentally friendly, as the use of power tools, means contributing to CO2 emissions, what with pure ecology incompatible. If the house is being built at the writing, and the laminated wood beams, used for strong and effective wood glue. If they are made of natural materials (for example, the starch contains adhesive properties) that borders from small rodents day and night. This, unfortunately, we can not allow, because of our built log houses not only warm, but also safe.
By the way, we recommend always found painted every couple of years (from the outside), and thereby impregnated. Natural dyes such numbers? I wonder how much they cost?