Log Home Builder Companies Vs Building Your Own From a Kit

If you are searching for a log home builder, you might want to consider the benefits of building one on your own (or more inexpensively hiring contractors to build for you) from inexpensive log cabin kits. First, before we consider the pros and cons, I should dispel a popular misconception about such kits - these are not prefab, same-old, typically designed log homes that are pumped out onto a conveyor belt. Log-built homes created from kits are actually produced into a wide array of designs and specifications. It's not the end product which is uniform, but the logs themselves. Logs are pre-milled in a factory setting so that all can fit together uniformly, all joints are exact, and producing these in this way creates an inordinately low per-log cost, making this the most inexpensive way to go about owning a log cabin . Now, let's look further into a few things here ...

Log home builder companies may not use this method, because construction goes far too quickly with kits, and in order to make much money with this method, they would have to charge a lot - unless they were a small-time business off contractors who specialize in building for people who obtain these kits for themselves. As far as construction in a non-kit format, each log must be cut and shaped on-site one at a time and shaped according to the contours of the previously laid logs. This is an exceptionally time-consuming way to go about things, and where there is more time spent, there are more opportunities for delays to pop up. Bad weather, mistakes made on the build, contractors moving on to other projects while the job is half done, accidents causing workers to take time off, and so on, are just a very few of the things that can invariably go wrong, given enough time.

Instead of hiring a log home builder, why not purchase log homes kits? All kits are pre-constructed in the factory to ensure perfectly precise fitting, are then taken apart and numbered in order of construction, and delivered to the construction site. No longer does it need to take the better part of a year or more in order to be able to move into your log home - now construction can take a matter of just a small few weeks. All parts come included for building your log home, including fittings such as cabinetry and the like unless you choose to order these parts from elsewhere. These kits are simply built enough for you and a small few others to take on the task on your own, or you may inexpensively hire a few contractors to piece everything together in constructional numeric order, following the instructions, and be in your new log home before you know it.