Log Cabins – build your imagination to reality

Not being a certified builder or an expert architect, do you want to design and build your space yourself? Then log cabins are the best structure to explore your talent. Log cabin kits are readily available in the market and online shopping websites as well. If you want to experience all the works involved and ready to spend days or months or even years, then I would say there’s no other better hobby for a creative head other than constructing traditional timber house with modern thoughts.

There are lot things to be aware of, before heading to log space construction. Rather than being used as the permanent residence, wooden cabins are mostly built for the purpose of gardening, playroom, chat corner etc. Thus the area, design, materials used etc. depends on the purpose of the building.

log cabins

The first and foremost thing is the foundation. Either you can choose the concrete base for long life structures or go with dock type which is much easier and cheaper if you are a beginner. It is better to finalize the floor plans before starting the wall piling as it plays an important role in deciding the shape, size, type admeasurement of logs to be used. Internet and magazines can help you a lot in architectural ideas within the budget and imagination.

Another factor to be informed yourself are about the tools made to measure log cabins; all the reference websites or books will be narrating steps or tips based on standard measuring tools and terms, so a prior study will save your time while construction.

Log cabins are considered eco-friendly, durable and affordable compared to the concrete erections. Though the industrial and technology growth is pointed as one of the reasons for environmental unbalancing, we should accept the fact that they have positive inventions that always saves human effort and time. Log cabin kits are such a creative product that helps to make your dream come true as a wooden house designer.

The ready to fix kits come in different designs so that you can choose as per the requirement. Three-dimensional views make your visibility more clear right from the day of purchasing an online kit. The packet mainly includes an instructional manual, pre-cut & designed logs, tools made to measure log cabins etc. The quality of materials differs with brand and pricing of the product. Diverse options avail you to choose even the type and fragrance of the logs for theme based interiors.

It is universal fact that every creation has its own advantages and disadvantages; all we have to do is take precautions to minimize the negative effects. Always have a discussion with experienced people and reviews on brand or materials to be used will aid in reducing the future risk factors if any. Your desire of self-construction not only save your money and health, but also benefit nature by contributing your part in maintaining traditional and natural values for the future generation.