How To Build Your Ideal Log House

Whether you want to build a log house for use as your primary residence, a vacation property, or a holiday let, building your very own log house can be a rewarding experience. Just imagine how proud you'll feel when you step foot inside a solid wood structure that you've created with your very own hands!Planning Your Log House BuildCrafting your ideal log house requires some careful planning - in fact, this is the most important stage in your build. The first thing you'll need to settle on is the actual size of the building - how big do you want your log house to be?The size of your house will be determined by a number of factors, including how you plan to use your house, the size of your building plot, and your build budget. Remember that a smaller building will be simpler to erect; it will also be more economical to heat and finish.Confirm Your Build SiteOnce you've decided on the general size of your log house, you will need to choose your building site. Look for level ground that is dry and well-protected against flooding, and offers a nice view of the surrounding countryside. Lay our your site using corner markers, and consider factors like exposure to wind, natural lighting, and sunset.Check with your local building officials to see if you require permission to erect your log house, and if so, be sure to obtain a building permit before beginning any work on your structure.

Select The Right Log House Kit

 Building a log house completely from scratch is a difficult process even for experienced craftsmen; it requires access to specialized tools to harvest and season the logs, square them up, and create the precise cuts needed to form a solid, safe structure.The vast majority of builders now use a log house kit - kits from Eurodita are complete, ready-to-build packages that make it easy for even a novice builder to achieve professional results. These kits feature premium solid Nordic spruce that is precision-cut to create exceptionally strong, solid homes that will last a lifetime.Unlike other log home kit suppliers, Eurodita log houses are custom designed by a team of architects and manufactured according to your exact specifications and preferences, ensuring compliance with all local building standards and regulations. This allows you the freedom to choose the right options for your home, including residential-grade double-glazed windows, premium-quality roof coverings and high-efficiency insulation to create your ideal log house.To learn more about log house kits from Eurodita, contact your local dealer today.