Have built a log house? What’s next?

You have built a garden house? Do you want to allow a comfortable summer evenings by the fireplace, or maybe invite friends and enjoy the special atmosphere, which creates a log house? I wish that it would be more successfully completed the construction of residential projects - the house owner should be aware of the important aspects that should carry out the construction of the walls and the roof covering and live as dreamed of - to enjoy the new garden house and forget the troubles in the construction. Having many years of experience, "Eurodita" professionals draws attention to the importance of log home installation and maintenance features.
Wooden houses dries and sužemėja. It is important to know that for drying wood garden house can sit down. This is most relevant in the first year of construction of the house, because the wood loses moisture rapidly (if not dried wood used). When placing windows and doors must be aware that the timber walls will move in the vertical direction of door and window frames with respect. Where this is not taken into account, drying the wood can warp the windows and doors, so the frame is attached at the logs and pillars. It must be remembered periodically adjust the struts to the house of the sixth evenly.
Painting. Logs to be impregnated and painted. This is done for wood protection (sun, moisture, wind, mold, pest, etc.). Prior to the logs impregnated, then primed / painted. Do not forget to read the instructions carefully and done only when the soil is dry or impregnator. Remember that the house needs repainting every 7-20 years (depending on color), the wood remains protected and maintain the aesthetic appearance.
Insulation. The homeowner will need to warm up, if you want to live all year round. Most often this is done from the outside, but may also derive from the inside. Insulation materials must meet the following requirements:
• logs could "breathe";
• resistant to moisture;
• vapor permeable;
• little influenced by the movement of the house.
Suitable for the following material: EKOVATA (dry and wet insulation), polyurethane, rock wool, wood-fiber boards.
Slab. If the garden house making overlay, you need to choose the right distance between the bearing axle and use the required thickness of Balkan. According to the distance between the axles calculated Balk supports overlay construction density and bulk carriers dimensions. If you use capital beams can reduce the gap between the bearing axle. We recommend conducting ceilings believe professionals, as poorly chosen materials and the calculations incorrectly can cause many problems. For example, the overlay can deform due to increased dynamic load.
Floors. On the first floor you can install a different floor. Often used in solid wood floors, kitchen and bathroom - tiles. If you want to make these floors are level, it is necessary to evaluate the ledger and flooring boards thickness and by doing this tile base. The second floor sandwiched flat material (such as smallpox), and on it laid carpeting or parquet. You can install a floor heating with temperature changes are not afraid materials.
A log house in the garden - our ancestors' legacy and new construction technology. Research has shown that people who live in wooden houses gets longer age, less likely to have respiratory diseases. After all wood - a natural part of nature and what is natural - has always been and will remain intact. Contact "Eurodita" specialists - we will provide advice and assistance - from the construction of the house planning to installation.