European prefabricated houses

You can be modern and ecological while using wooden houses. And after years of research, this might just be the apex of what can be offered. Look around and pick what suits you most.

A house is a thing that many people build for years. It‘s a great mission to finally achieve it and live in a house of your dreams. But what if we told you life doesn‘t have to be so complicated? That every problem and challenge has a solution. And that in your case, a house can be done quickly and nicely, even on a rather tight budget? This is why we‘re offering you European prefabricated houses.

They are easy to build – the whole building process doesn‘t take more than a few days. Get a proper team (which the right experts can easily get), pick a prefabricated house, get other preparation work done, and all can happen nearly during a weekend. Forget about the times, when you had to build your house for years and years, and wait until it‘s time to go again. Pick out a project, and get a house. And while it‘s happening, pop a bottle of premium champagne and watch the house of your dreams going up. How can you afford champagne? Easily, that‘s how. “Eurodita” log cabins are very often far cheaper than the alternative options.

Every single piece of the puzzle that is your house is made by the high-class experts who know exactly what they‘re doing, and they are doing well. The timber used in the European prefabricated houses is only the highest quality Siberian timber – you don‘t see high-class chefs using expired lower shelf products, and we don‘t use them either. Only the best to give you the best result possible. “Eurodita” log cabins timber houses are great in all season, and prefab cabins look great for decades.

Look around the offers and pick the house of your dreams, go and get it done, make it happen. Trust “Eurodita” log cabins. Yes, it is that easy. Times are moving forward, and these things are possible. We wish we would be able to swoosh a magic wand and give you a house. It is not exactly possible. But believe us, this is just as close as it is going to get.


Wouldn‘t you hate to spend lots of your precious time, and lots of your literally precious money just to get something, that is not fulfilling your needs? There is barely a worse feeling than spending so much of your effort and getting barely any result.

This often happens when you‘re trying to build something. In the beginning, it looks like a simple mission anyone with thumbs, excluding some primates and young children, could easily do. A bit of nail there, a wooden plank here, four walls and a roof and place for sunshine to go through. It‘s that simple, isn‘t it?

However, in reality, it turns to be quite a job. It‘s difficult to do it alone, with other people, it is difficult to send your ideas to them and properly stay on the same page while building it. The weather conditions are often troubling, the time is getting greatly wasted and the free days and evenings, that could be used for a nice chill-out, are often wasted in a long session of “what is happening and I hate timber”. Building European wooden sheds can be not much fun.