Eurodita Standard Cabins: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

28-millimetre thick timber has been used in the production of this grill house and the simple design, small area and somewhat thinner timber are going to make this grill house a simple, affordable option for a big amount of customers who are looking for a simple gazebo or a grill house in their garden. It might be inexpensive but the quality is still great.

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Eurodita log cabin euro 45/6, the excellent quality log cabins built with log cabin of size 5000*500 mm and wall thickness of 45 mm. (Available in 28mm,58mm & 68mm).We know about your search for the perfect log cabins I.e we care about providing you with the best comfort through our designed and built log cabins. Log cabin euro 45/6 ridge height is 2680mm and side wall height of 2070 mm, and also it built with single glassed windows and doors of the Georgian style. (Available with Double glassed windows and doors )

Eurodita log cabin Euro 45/22 is the superior quality log cabin designed and built with log cabin of size 5850*4100 mm +2000 mm terrace and the wall thickness of 58 mm. It is also available with the wall thickness of 44 mm. Log cabin 45/22 ridge height is 3450 mm and sidewall height of 2070 mm and it is also available in twin skin with different sizes.

Eurodita well known for giving a product that will satisfy your thirst for the perfect log material at a minimal price. To find out more about our product, you can either scroll through the product description pages or contact us directly.

Eurodita Standard Cabins: The Leader a Smart Dealer Deserves

Our best-sold product, the standard cabins represent quality which is tested by time. Each model represents universality, durability, practical design and an inspired way of living.

Key difference: Over the years Eurodita has optimized the production of these popular models. Cost optimization has made them even more popular among dealers who can get these amazing wooden buildings for a very reasonable price. Important note: we sell these cabins in large quantities only.

A corner of the garden very often proves to be an empty, “dead” space. The part where nothing important is even placed. Until now. A log cabin at the corner of any garden would look beautiful and it would turn it into a useful and attractive space – therefore saving some more room at the centre of the garden making it useful for something else as well. It's a win-win situation. Corner log cabins, if made correctly, can be an attractive option for everyone but especially for those who lack space. A small log cabin taking up a small amount of space is a great and practical option. An ideal choice for someone needing some extra space to cover from rain and wind but not looking forward to occupying great amounts of space while doing so. These log cabins are not only sporting a classical style that is appealing to the eye – they are also practical.