Eurodita Log Structures About us

About Us

Eurodita Log Structures is the most devoted company around. Our devotion is what makes us stand apart from the crowd and helped us to become the Number One supply choice for the smartest dealers and retailers in the game.

We understand that Eurodita Log Structures is one of many companies in a highly competitive and challenging industry. And because of this, we do everything we can to set ourselves apart from the pack.

From the instant we begin sourcing the materials we use to the final product delivery, everything is designed to be the highest quality and efficiency possible. At Eurodita Log Structures, we make sure that we accommodate the interests of all of our B2B partners all over Europe and spanning across the globe.

The Holy Trinity of B2B

At Eurodita, we make sure that every dealer and every other business that we have B2B relationships with get to enjoy what we call the holy trinity of doing business. This trinity is composed of:

  • The best products at low cost and excellent margin potential (aka "private label")
  • Incredible service to clients whether at the inquiry level or after delivery questions and concerns
  • A worry-free experience knowing that clients do not need to worry about complaints from their customers. A good night's sleep for everyone is the end result.

The smartest retailers and wholesalers can get all of this and more when they choose to work with and team up with Eurodita. We are a reliable and responsible manufacturer of timber and log structures that are rich in quality and variety. Including:

  • Log garages
  • Log houses
  • Play houses
  • Standard log Cabins
  • Bespoke Log cabins
  • Twin skin log cabins
  • Wooden garden furniture
  • Wooden hot tubs
  • Wooden pavilions
  • Wooden Playgrounds
  • Laminated log houses
  • Grill kota cabins
  • Camping pods
  • Log cabins and sheds
  • wooden play houses
  • Wooden carports
  • Many other structures produced from the finest Nordic timber

When You're Growing, It Means Serving

Eurodita Log Cabins was founded back in 1994 and is based in Lithuania. Our hard work and dedication have allowed us to build up our reputation in the industry because of the stellar service and products that we offer to our clients. For those who are interested in more information, here's a list of really great B2B benefits that every dealer will enjoy .

After more than two full decades of leadership and innovation in the log cabin industry, Eurodita Log Cabins has transformed from a local organization to a global one with branches and offices in over 50 nations across the globe. While we are working diligently across the glob, we have the strongest dealer networks in the Netherlands, the UK, and in Ireland currently. The process of consolidating our positions in the marketplace are currently underway in Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway.

In these economically strong and well-off countries, the product and service dealers operating there are currently dealing with a very daunting challenge. They have customers that are increasingly demanding and in need of the highest quality materials and services who want impeccable products of the log and timber variety. And they, of course, still need to make a profit in the meantime.

The vast majority of these dealers are beginning to find that the best solution and the one that is most efficient for these challenges is a business relationship with Eurodita Log Structures: the leading company in serving and working with smart dealers. The top dealers in the world can also understand and appreciate the Exclusive Dealer Program that we offer at Eurodita Log Structures. This is a potential business-to-business arrangement in which the deal receives our products for exclusive Private Label. The arrangement is contingent on the understanding and accord that no other dealer is able to sell our Eurodita products in that dealer's area or region.

The smartest dealers get a good night's sleep working with Eurodita.

The Exclusive Dealer Program and other arrangement serve our partners.

The best dealers get their log structures from Eurodita.

The Eurodita Log Structures name means something in the industry. It means quality, dependability, and dedication. In our manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the most exceptional needs and strictest requirements of all retailers and wholesalers. We are definitely at our best when we are customizing our services to out wholesalers and retailers. Hence, Eurodita operates by the company slogan of: THE LEADER IN SERVING SMART DEALERS. Our goal is for you and everybody else to see us that way. In fact, we will do whatever it takes to deliver on that promise.

Eurodita will make life as easy as possible for you in these ways:

  • Variety: We have the widest assortment of timber and log products (600 of them)
  • Timber: We use the highest quality Nordic timber (which is FSC certified) in our production process
  • Quality: We are diligent about our product quality so that our customer and their end customers do not end up with products hat are defective or have missing pieces. Everything in our production uses a computerized system so that human error is not a factor to worry about. Eurodita customers and their customers can rest easy without complaint.
  • Design: We offer a variety of design options including both standard and custom timber and log structures to meet all needs and desires.
  • Production: We are able to rapidly manufacture high quality products for your need. This means we are dedicated to express production and manufacturing (7 to 14 days).
  • Delivery: We at Eurodita Log Structures work with the top logistics companies and experts as well as maintain our own company transport fleet. This means that your products will get to your warehouse or other site within a week to four weeks at most taking into account the size of your orders and the specifics (i.e. customizations, etc...).
  • Pre-Production: When you need to make an order for custom designs, we work with you to develop a full set of pre-production drawings. That way, you and your customers can better visualize their final product before finalizing the deal.
  • Private Label: With our private label services, we will sell you our products unbranded. Then you can sell them under your own label. This gives you the highest margin possibilities available although for this, we do not provide you with marketing materials.
  • Exclusivity: The Exclusive Dealer Program is an arrangement we offer to partner exclusively with you and provide our products as private label with the express promise that no other dealer near you sells out products.
  • Attention: We make it our mission to ensure that any and every dealer we partner with is satisfied. This means every two months, we will visit our dealers and get feedback from you and your customers about the products we have offered.
  • Prices: We have better prices than all the rest for the high-quality of the products we offer. In 2015, we at Eurodita won a legal case against a company trying to block our entry into European markets. They did not like that we offered quality for low prices to the dealers we sell to.