Eurodita Log Houses, Shed & Cabins About Us

Whether you're a dealer or possess a warehouse, Eurodita got you covered.

Eurodita is the number One supplier of Log Houses, Sheds and Cabins across Europe and the entire world. From sourcing the materials to the time of delivery. Everything we do is in the best interest of our Business Partners.

Why It Is Considered the Smart Choice Going With Eurodita

Besides gaining access to a rich source of log and timber structures such as Log Houses, Sheds, Log Cabins, Standard Cabins, Garden Summer Houses, and various other structures, retailers and wholesalers can look forward to working alongside a professional team who are fully committed and demonstrates a responsible approach.

After all, Smart Dealers always enjoy a good night's sleep when doing business with Eurodita. This is exactly why they choose to get their LOG STRUCTURES from Us

We've been at it for more than 20 years in the Log Cabins Industry, and developed into an International organization with branches in over 50 Countries.

Eurodita already has a very strong position in the UK, Netherlands, and Ireland. We are in the process of strengthening our position in places like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Norway and Sweden.

Why Eurodita Stands Out

The key reason dealers and warehouse owners prefer getting their supplies from Eurodita is the attention to detail they demonstrate concerning their products and after service.

While most competitors make use of thinner wood materials, measuring 28 to 35 mm, we opt for something stronger and thicker that measures 46 mm.

What is more, all our huts are eco-friendly. A huge differentiating factor is that Eurodita is most probably the only manufacturer who also designs custom BBQ huts

What Makes Timber Supplies and Cabins by Eurodita So Unique

  • They use glued laminated timber thereby offering superior ventilation and up to 30 percent stronger thermal resistance
  • All products have the ability to withstand any type of weather due to it being natural, durable and in unison with the environment
  • Lowered prices and greater margin potential for smart dealers
  • Well-trusted throughout Europe and mostly used in shopping malls and schools
  • They have a dedicated and powerful team of architects on board to take care of various calculations and permissions to ensure homes meet legal requirements
  • Attention to detail regarding cost optimization so dealers can look forward to reasonably priced buildings

Product Range Offered by Eurodita

  • Playhouses - Wooden structures designed for children such as swing sets, sandboxes, picnic tables and more. All structures are made from durable, premium quality Nordic timber to ensure child safety
  • Wooden Pavilions - Serve as a great addition to houses and regarded as the ideal way to enjoy leisure time in the great outdoors even during bad weather conditions
  • Hot Tubs - These rustic and luxurious structures set the tone for all kinds of heavenly experiences to the benefit of our customers. High-quality thermo pinewood, ranging in size from 1.5 to 2.2 meters are used. Heating systems can either be located externally or internally.
  • BBQ Huts - Barbecue structures are truly unique and authentic and offer superior comfort regardless of the weather conditions. All huts are eco-friendly and features a superb chimney and ventilation system.
  • Camping Pods - Also termed as cozy mini-hotels for the benefit of campers. These self-contained buildings are made from high-quality Nordic spruce. They are rot-proof, thermo-proof, waterproof, and weather-resistant.
  • Log Houses - These beautiful structures are produced from premium quality Nordic timber, and not just your ordinary "weekend" cabins. They are considered "year round" houses to ensure a comfortable way of living for all.
  • Standard Cabins - They are one of the most popular products in that they are tested by time and represent durability, universality, and practical design for an inspired way of living.
  • Garden Furniture - In terms of outdoor entertainment, wooden garden furniture is simply the best kind of structure to withstand the elements of time, right throughout the year. It offers unrivaled functionality and style while maintaining its nostalgic feel so many people have come to expect from it. You can make your selection from lovely rounded pieces or traditional rectangular tables.

Benefits You Will Experience When Doing Business with Eurodita

As the Leader in serving smart dealers, Eurodita delivers the following outstanding benefits:

  • Offers the richest variety of standard timber and log products (600 or more)
  • Utilizes Nordic timber that is FSC approved for production purposes
  • Eurodita minimize human errors when doing quality control by computerizing production processes
  • Timber structures are also custom made
  • Quick turnaround time is available in an emergency of 7 to 14 days
  • Depending on the size of your order, the final product will be delivered to your warehouse within one to four weeks using their own transport fleet
  • Ensure your clients are happy with the end product due to the invention of pre-production drawings where they get to visualize the way the product will look before closing the deal
  • All products are unbranded, allowing dealers to sell it under their own label
  • Exclusive Dealership Program is your guarantee that no other dealer in your locale will have access to the same product
  • Personalized attention and feedback on the latest products and deals provided every two months where we personally visit your premises
  • Eurodita is all about super affordable prices without compromising on the quality of our products

State of the Art Service Provider

Eurodita is all about reliability when it comes to various delivery arrangements. We go above and beyond what is required of us to ensure any given product is delivered safely, and on time. It is this factor that made us so successful as international traders. We do not compromise on quality and timeliness concerning our delivery services or anything else for that matter

Best off all, we are in charge of our own transport fleet and have reliable measures in place with top regional carrier companies. In most cases our customers will have their products delivered within one to four weeks, depending on the specifications and size of their order.

Simply put, Eurodita takes care of the whole chain of logistics and do their level best to ensure their product resellers get to meet their deadlines, despite various complications they encounter with the contemporary European Logistics market.

A promise we make is a promise we keep regardless of the size or complexity of your order. Any given consignment will reach your warehouse undamaged, in excellent condition and on time.