Eurodita: A Guide for Potential Dealers

About Us

Founded in Lithuania in 1994, Eurodita is a premier supplier of a variety of high quality log and Nordic timber structures and furnishings to dealers in more than 50 countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union. Eurodita is a bespoke log cabins company that has provided its network of businesses with manufactured lumber products for over 20 years. Our product line includes timber playhouses, standard log cabins, timber outdoor play equipment, laminated log houses and cabins, log garages, and fine wooden goods such as hot tubs and furniture. We also offer both standardized and custom-made twin skin log cabins, wooden garden furniture, wooden hot tubs, BBQ cabins, log cabins, and timber Granny flats. Additionally, as a leading camping pods manufacturer, we offer wooden pavilions for sale to our extensive network of dealers.
Our company is 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All products sold by Eurodita are manufactured from high-quality Nordic timber that originates from responsibly manages forests, providing environmental, economic, and social benefits.
When contracting with Eurodita, our global network of dealers benefits from both outstanding customer relations and high profit margins. This includes the following:

  • The ability to sell products as private label goods, boosting margin potential.
  • World-class customer service throughout the entire process, beginning during initial inquiries and continuing after products are delivered.
  • The confidence in knowing that all of Eurodita's products are of superior quality, which ensures the satisfaction of the end customer.

At Eurodita, we understand that today's consumers want exceptionally high-quality log and timber manufactured products. This increases the demands placed on dealers and vendors to supply these products while still maintaining a healthy profit margin. Dealers and retailers throughout Europe, Australia, and beyond are discovering that Eurodita can supply these high-quality log and timber manufactured products and structures at competitive prices. Additionally, many of our dealers are participants on out Exclusive Dealer Program. Under this program, we will provide high-quality manufactured log and timber products for sale under a private label while also ensuring no other vendor in the area will sell our products.
If you are interested in becoming a Eurodita dealer, or you wish to learn more about our high-end log and timber manufactured products, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Buying Guide

At Eurodita, we are more than simply a log houses manufacturer or log garages manufacturer. Our catalog currently contains more than 600 high-end manufactured timber and log products. We understand that, in order to meet customer demand, our dealers need only the highest-quality timber and log manufactured products for resale at profitable margins. This is why we offer outstanding service to our global network of vendors.
There are many benefits to becoming a Eurodita dealer. These include the following:

  • Product Variety. We currently have more than 600 unique products for sale. Probably no other manufacturer can offer a larger catalog of manufactured timber and log products.
  • Nordic Timber. All of our products are manufactured with 100% Nordic timber, which has been sourced responsibly and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.
  • Custom designs. Besides our standardized products, we are happy to work with dealers to create and deliver custom-designed log and timber cabins, buildings, and other structures.
  • Rapid Production. Our integrated manufacturing process ensures we can deliver finished products to our clients in a timely manner, usually within 14 days of less.
  • Quality control. In order to ensure that all of our products are up to our existing standards, we have implemented rigorous Quality Control procedures. Our manufacturing process includes an integrated digital system to ensure that every product is assembled correctly with no missing parts.
  • Smooth Delivery. As a global leader in manufactured timber and log products, we have maintained a well-developed ground and air transportation fleet, as well as an extended network with leading logistics companies. Depending on the size and nature of your order, you will receive all products in four weeks or less, guaranteed.
  • Pre-Production Drawings. As previously stated, we always welcome custom orders, and we will deliver detailed pre-production drawings before beginning the manufacturing process. This way, our customers can visualize the final product before committing to placing an order.
  • Customer Service. We believe that customer satisfaction comes first. In addition to e-mails and phone calls, our representatives pay a visit in-person to every single one of our dealers several times per year in order to solicit feedback on our products. This helps us to improve both the dealer and end-user experiences, as well as provides us with vital feedback to allow us to continually improve our product range.
  • Private Label. All of our products are unbranded. This gives our dealers the option of selling them under their own private labels, which allows for the possibility of enhanced profit margins.
  • Exclusivity. All participants in our Exclusive Dealer Program will receive access to our full range of products. In exchange, we will agree not to supply our products to any other vendors in your area.

Here at Eurodita, we have successfully battled several lawsuits from competitors who were trying to prevent our expansion into their respective markets. Our prices have remained incredibly competitive, which poses a clear threat to other manufacturers of high-quality timber and log products. Our dealers always benefit from our advantageous prices, outstanding customer service, and high-quality products.
If you are interested in selling our wide range of top-quality log and timber products made from 100% FSC-certified Nordic timber, please contact us today.


Here at Eurodita, we know that producing the finest log and timber products in the world depends on also having a reliable delivery network. Our dealers rely on our wide range of high-quality timber and log products to be delivered both safely and on time, so they can be sold to end customers. Therefore, one of our highest priorities is ensuring both the quality and timeliness of all of our deliveries.
Thanks to our integrated manufacturing and logistics systems, we can offer our vendors reliable delivery options via an in-house fleet as well as an established network of third-party carrier companies. Depending on the size and nature of your order, we guarantee our products will be delivered to your warehouse in four weeks or less.
Experienced dealers know the European logistics market can be convoluted at times, so it is crucial to find a reliable supplier who can deliver goods on time. Eurodita stands by our delivery guarantees, ensuring that our vendors will have the products they ordered in their warehouses on schedule, as promised. We guarantee that all of our products will be delivered in good order, on time, and without any missing parts.
To find out more about how our wide range of Nordic timber and log products can work for you, please contact us today.