4 Glamping Locations Famous for Timber Cabins & Adventure Pods

Gone are the days when staying in resorts implied a successful vacation. Today, camping as a vacation activity is gaining a lot of significance. Exploring the wilderness, experiencing solitude and escaping the hustle of life have contributed to the recent increase in professionally managed campsites. The beautiful glamping locations offer incredible range of off-grid accommodation to relax and experience luxury glamping. Common amidst the wilderness, hiking trails, and RV parking, these camping grounds feature fully-equipped timber cabins that save the energy of carrying tarpaulin homes. The wooden camping homes exhibit individualistic design and floor plan. Northern Europe, in particular has become one of the most sort after glamping region.

Premium Adventure Pods

Following are some amazing glamping locations across the world that are steadily adopting more timber cabin structures and camping cabin pods:

1. Vienna, Austria:

Camping in Vienna is a good introduction to the rest of Austria. Vacationing in Vienna implies exploring the capital for tradition, music and architecture. The region has some of the best fully equipped camping pods constructed using Siberian spruce and can withstand even harsh weather conditions. The timber structures flaunt the architecture of the region.

2. Dublin, Ireland:

Dublin is one of the most beautiful places in Europe known for camping and caravanning sites. The glamping sites have some of the best wooden lodging structures that exhibit Irish architecture and feature insulated walls. With facilities like water, electricity, accessible relaxing areas, the glamping cabins stand apart from the rest.

3. Berlin, Germany:

One of the most sort-after glamping sites in Germany, Berlin offers a lot to campers. This region homes some of the best glamping pods that are well-insulated and weather resistant. Favourite among the campsite managers, the camping cabins are all accommodating- prefect for a good family vacation in wilderness.

4. Oslo, Norway:

Oslo homes a plethora of camping sites that feature structured cabin homes, ergonomically designed to enhance the camping experience. These camping cabins are one of their kinds and come complete with attached bathrooms and kitchen. The spacious glamping pods provide the essence of camping with the comfort of home.

These glamping locations represent the changing trends in the world of outdoor living, including the setting-up of adventure pods in the most unexpected locations, some totally isolated, some unbelievably surrounded by wilderness. The campsites now feature wooden cabins that offer luxurious camping experience. These parks feature number of Nordic spruce cabins that are spacious and incorporate smart floor plan. For constant updates and improvements in log homes Glulam cabins, laminated homes, you can stay abreast by following our blog section.