Custom wooden house – our daily routine

Probably when looking at our catalog in the log cabin models you thought that everything is standardized. At first glance, this is because of our manufacturing process is very strongly standardized in order to reach the most effective results, but ..

always able to produce custom log home according to customer needs and custom.
House, especially residential, is highly dependent on the place where it stands. If you have a small plot, look for opportunities to save every centimeter. Also, if statotės mountainous area, also look at all the standard solutions. Maybe you want more spacious attics, so you only need to change the roof structure. There will always Eurodita designed specifically for the needs of your house.
Typically, custom we build mostly glued beam houses. There are good reasons for this: glued beam construction is much more flexible than the log house. But at this point we should make a point and tell you more about Glued beams and often why we choose it.
Immediately we want to forestall some of the issues for the eyes: glued beam is more expensive than writing, and so the house or garden house is more expensive. But there are more advantages than disadvantages.
Glued beams wooden house construction: the pros and 1 deficiency
For those who term "glued beams" hear for the first time (in English - Glulam or laminated timber), we want to explain what it is. Are cut to various lengths wood beams are dried and glued to each other with each other. Then they press heavily compressed and thus tended. We are building a house with 135 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm and 220 mm glued beams.
That is glued beam spot can be closely looked at textures, which are trying to adjust color and, of course, wood. Glued lumber are mostly from softwood because this wood is mainly used for the construction of wooden houses.
Promise advantages compared with the log house:
1. Stick lumber is superior in terms of logistics. If found to be up to 6 meters in length and the optimum length of 3-5 meters, it Glued beams can be made up to 30 meters in length (gluing beams of different lengths). Such a really simple transport nepavešime, but several meters in length lumber - in high demand.
2. Glued beams shrinks very little. The production technology is such that only dry beams can be produced laminated lumber. As a result, they significantly humidity low. And this is good news for builders and owners, because the construction of the house. After all, to do the interior decoration of log homes still need to wait for almost a year until the walls of "stabilize" ... Sticking lumber many "do not walk", so after a few months can do the interior decoration.
3. Glued beams crack resistant, so it does not air spaces. Thus, investment in additional thermal insulation is less necessary. Yes, beams, our estimates, spend up to 30 percent. less heat compared with the log house walls.
4. Sticking lumber is used for much more complex architectural decisions than writing. I will not talk about extreme glued beam construction uses a variety of arches and užrietimus. These vortexes with writing not do it - take injections, which immediately threatened by energy losses.
5. glued beam houses are produced faster than Office. On average, a custom designed house for over three weeks, three more takes its assembly and installation on prepared foundations. With found to work a little longer, so planning time, this may be an important argument to choose laminated wood.
As you can see, glued beam is actually a great way to build a wooden house. He only has one serious flaw, and it is not at the price (a higher price can be offset by a lower cost of external insulation). Glued beam is applied, so the house can not be called organic. Unfortunately, those who want to have a clean house, should opt found.
Another disadvantage may become the builders themselves. We often hear that inattentive builders buys no uniform standard glued beams and their dimensions are different. This causes problems in making partitions, building additional walls, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately reflect on all the possibilities, and they plan to make our certified builders built as needed.
We are always willing to cooperate with architects and designers, who have a very high standard. We work in different European countries, so we know very well what the construction practice is Lithuania, Norway, England or other countries. In this way you will be sure to build not only durable, warm, but also a European house.