Building for Business: Why Camping Cabins and Sauna pods are a Great Addition

Camping cabins and buses have taken over the conventional camping options due to their durability and protection against harsh weather conditions. The reason most individuals are attracted to buy sauna pods.

If you’re a cabin dealer looking for ways to expand their customer reach, investing in camping cabins is an effective idea as it’ll attract all the campers and enthusiasts who don’t want the harsh weather conditions to put a stop to their camping trip.

Check out some of the most exclusive camping cabins and why they’re a great addition to your collection of log structures.

Sauna Barrels

Image showing work of timber cabin home manufacturer

Resembling the wine barrels in design, these sauna barrels are steadily gaining popularity. But there’s more to their circular design than just serving an aesthetic purpose. The circular design prevents the accumulation of hot air that causes the sauna cabins to heat up. In addition to that, it pushes the hot air down and maintains a comfortable temperature inside.

Their compact design takes less space and can be easily placed even in a crowded area.  

Buy Sauna Pods


Image showing the need to buy sauna pods


Another luxurious addition to your log structures, sauna pods are many consumers’ first choice, primarily due to their aesthetically pleasing design. Our sauna pods are manufactured from the finest quality Nordic timber that offers resistance against harsh weather. The reason it attracts our customers to buy sauna pods.

Rest assured, your end-customers won’t be coming back with complaints of a leaking roof or warping wood! We offer a diverse range of sizes to make sure we have every size available according to your customers’ requirement.

We understand that keeping up with customers’ choice can be hard, yet critical at the same time—we offer bespoke log cabins based on your requirement. Just inform us about your design specification and we’ll have your sauna pod prepared in no time!

Camping Buses


Image showing standard log cabins


For customers that are looking for a spacious camping cabin, camping buses will serve as a great addition to your business. Our camping buses are manufactured from premium quality Siberian spruce, which offers not only durability but looks pleasing to the eyes as well.

If you’re a cabin dealer looking for the most luxurious camping cabins, get in touch with Eurodita! 

In addition to our aesthetically pleasing designs, we offer the most economical rates for our cabins. Each article in our camping collection is available at 50% lesser rates than our competitors.

Our collection of log structures also includes log cabins, log homes, hot tubs, BBQ huts, and log garages, and wooden playground structures!

Browse through our collection and contact us to book your order!