Badly Made Hot Tubs: 3 Things That Could Go Wrong

Hot tubs are great for spending some quality time with the special person in your life or treating yourself after a long day at work. Some people also claim that spending time in a hot tub provides therapeutic benefits as it elevates your mood and de-stresses tense muscles and joints in your body.

However, what most people fail to understand is that hot tubs are complex systems the performance of which directly depends on its design. Poorly designed hot tubs are incapable of providing the same relaxing experience as high-performing ones. As hot tubs use electrical power to operate, using a badly made hot tub can also put your life at risk.

Here are some of the most common issues that frequently arise in poorly manufactured hot tubs.

Malfunctioning Filters or Drains

A filter is to a hot tub what a kidney is to the human body. Filters clear out impurities and unwanted particles present in pumped water to ensure that it’s safe for human contact.

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While it’s natural for filter cartridges to deteriorate over time, in some cases, it happens due to poor manufacturing. Your filter may not be strong enough to endure the pressure of incoming water and as a result, the polyester on the top of your cartridge may puncture frequently. Similarly, your tub’s drain might get clogged too often if it’s sub-standard.

Inadequate Heating

Stepping into your hot tub, expecting steaming hot water only to realize that it isn’t heated up to your desired temperature is disappointing. You’re likely to experience heating problems if you have a faulty thermostat—a device that controls the temperature of water in the tub. However, heating problems can also occur if your thermostat is inaccurately calibrated, so make sure you check the thermostat’s calibration before deciding to replace it.

Noisy Pump

Squealing or growling sounds from your pump are clear indicators of bad bearings. Pumps also tend to make unusual sounds if the water level in your tank is low. Under such circumstances, you’ll have to either lubricate the bearings or replace the pump entirely, if the problem persists.

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