B2B Woodwork: What should I look for in Log Structures Manufacturers?

Log structures are rapidly becoming the consumers’ first choice to a variety of ecological benefits offered by them. With their sturdy structure and customized designs, log structures manufacturers offer the perfect balance between durability and excellent aesthetic appeal.

As a dealer who provides premium timber products to their customers, you stress out so much about finding a reliable wholesale contractor that doesn’t rip you off by charging sky-high rates for their services. Moreover, you need to make sure they’re delivering the quality they’ve promised.

When dealing with a wholesale contractor for log work, here’s a list of things to keep in mind that’ll help you make the right purchase.

Quality provided by log structures manufacturers

Image showing work by log structures manufacturers

Quality is perhaps the most critical factor when it comes to B2B dealings. Since you’re the one selling outsourced products under your name, any fault reflects badly on your reputation and ends up costing you your customers. Wooden structures are prone to warping, which compromises their structural strength.

When choosing a wholesale contractor, always look for the ones offering the finest timber quality for woodwork. We recommend hiring contractors that use thick wooden logs, as they’re less susceptible to damages due to weather conditions.

Customized Designs

Your customers are looking for diversity, which is why you shouldn’t settle for mundane log structures. Always hire a contractor who’s ready to offer bespoke designs according to your customers’ requirements. In addition to design variations, they should also be ready to change the exterior features, such as windows and doors as per your discretion.

Picture showing premium timber products

Use of Eco-Friendly Raw Materials

As a dealer of log cabins and structures, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your contractor uses no toxic materials during the log work. The primary reason for switching to wooden structures is to minimize carbon footprint and if your contractor is failing to meet this standard, you should start looking for a new one!


When selling a log structure to your customer, you keep a profit margin for yourself. But if you’re already buying the products at sky-high rates from your contractor, you’re left with very little to no profit margin.

We recommend hiring a log structures manufacturers that offers woodwork services at affordable rates and doesn’t rip you off by charging exorbitant prices.

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