The Comparison Of Laminated To Massive Log Homes

The Comparison Of Laminated To Massive Log Homes

The beauty of a log home in a natural setting is what a lot of people dream about owning someday. This is becoming more of a reality these days as many companies now offer affordable versions of timber houses. With the invention of new products and manufacturing processes your chances of owning one is more favorable. There are so many styles of timber houses available today than ever before.

Nearly every style of timber house are available all over the world. There are two basic kinds of these available on the market today. When searching for this type of home, garage, summer place, etc. you will find laminated or massive log houses on the market. When deciding on which kind to buy you should consider the advantages of both types of timber houses.

Massive or solid log houses use traditional milled logs to construct these types of houses. Laminated log houses are made from smaller pieces of wood that have been glued together and then milled just like regular massive logs. Companies like Eurodita log cabins are one of the best producers of this type of laminated log house. Eurodita wood factory manufactures every type of house you can imagine and comes in every available size.

What are some of the differences in these two types of timber houses?


The moisture content is the major difference when comparing these two types of houses. The massive log homes have more moisture content which can be up to 18% compared to about twelve percent with laminated ones.

This can be a major reason to choose laminated log houses because this will affect the structure of the house over the long term. The laminated house is not going to have this problem but will have the same quality look as the massive one.


The logs in the traditional massive log homes will shrink over time causing various problems. Most of the shrinkage problems occur during the first year the massive log home is built causing cracks in the structure along with walls that can sag.

This causes other problems in finishing the construction in which the windows and doors can’t be installed until this settling occurs.

Long-term shrinkage is not as bad on the structure but is still a factor with massive log homes.

Laminated log homes like Eurodita log cabins offer a very minimal amount of shrinkage leading to a more stable home.


Another structural problem over time is warping if you choose the traditional massive log houses. Layers of wood that has been kiln-dried with high quality glue will not warp over time like Eurodita timber houses.

4-Thermal advantage

Laminated log houses have a better thermal quotient keeping unwanted cold or hot air from entering the building. Solid log houses warp and crack causing the thermal value to be lower over time.

5-Finished look of internal walls

The laminated log houses don’t need to be finished on the inside but the massive log homes have to have a special internal lining installed to make them look nice.