Smart Dealers Deserve Eurodita Kota Grill Cabins

Smart Dealers Deserve Eurodita Kota Grill Cabins

Life moves quickly in our increasingly urban world. Kota grill cabins offer relief when your customers crave things that slow life down, and bring family and friends together to relax, and socialize. Eurodita’s tradition-inspired BBQ huts have a long history. They embody a rich Nordic culture that is cozy, and joyful. They celebrate an appreciation for nature, peacefulness and solitude. At the same time, they offer comforts of modern life as customers reconnect with those they love. Help your customers to create a lifestyle that brings health and connection back into their lives. At Eurodita, we have brought this type of log cabin to an art form that encourages a relaxing, social lifestyle. We are excited to partner with your business to bring Kota grill cabins to your customers across Europe and worldwide.

Eurodita perfects a brilliant ancient design concept for this type of smoking shelter. The secret is the cone shape for maximizing space and optimizing the wood burning grill as an effective heat source. Inviting benches, built around the perimeter, encircle the heat source, which is located at the center of the cone. The top of the cone is open, to act as a chimney. The elegantly simple cone shape is actually a sophisticated technology for controlling air quality and temperature. It has been in use for thousands of years by many cultures throughout the world. North American First Nations plains people used the tipi year round, through extremes of hot and cold weather. Other cultures built the yurt, to similar effect. The BBQ hut of northern Europe – the Kota grill – developed the same principle, with its own cultural uniqueness. Eurodita brings its design and eco-friendly manufacture into the 21st century.

Smart Dealers Deserve Eurodita Kota Grill Cabins

Eurodita Log Cabins has created standard and bespoke Kota grill cabins. You can adapt our designs to suit your market, and your customers’ individual requirements. Should you prefer, you can use your branding on the design that you either choose, or customize. We are always pleased to work with you to build the perfect design for your needs.

Eurodita Log Cabins uses the finest Nordic timber, at our own manufacturing facility, to produce a top quality BBQ hut design for your needs. Whether your require a large or small space, we can accommodate you and your customers. Our designs start at 7m2. We have standard designs that can be as large as 25m2, with extensions built in, or twinned, attached, Kota grill cabins. Of course, with bespoke options, we can adapt our design for your market.

Whatever Kota grill cabin designs you choose to market, they will all come with a complete BBQ set. We have everything your customers will need to start a new family adventure in our cabins. After construction, Eurodita can even offer the fuel they will require for their grill. We manufacture top grade wooden pellets from the sawdust our timber processing creates. Your customers will stay in touch as they replenish their fuel over the years. You will be pleased to provide so many options, and a complete package for their leisure experience.


Eurodita can add amenities to your Kota grill cabin as you require. We can design and build them to include a sauna and change room. Your customers can enjoy simple, elegant luxury in good health, relaxation and camaraderie.

Why go to any other log cabin company? Eurodita Log Cabins provides outstanding quality, design and choice for all of your log cabin needs. We provide our product and service at the right price for you and your customers. We are always eager and pleased to help answer your questions, and to assist you in designing BBQ huts you will be proud to market. Contact ustoday to discuss your requirements. Become a dealer and join a proud 25 year tradition of excellence in production, design, and customer service.

We look forward to partnering with you to serve your customers!
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