Manufacturer Of Camping Pods

Manufacturer Of Camping Pods

Eurodita is a major manufacturer of timber houses, with several years of experience in constructing, workable pieces of furniture. Eurodita timber houses provide the most natural and comfortable way of engaging outdoor camping activities. They provide ultimate warmth, shelter and security for their occupants.

Eurodita log cabins are attractively built with great designs that easily adapt to any environment be it in a rural location or an urban setting. They seamlessly blend with their surroundings even better than most other pods.

We specialize in creating wooden camping pods, garden pods and glamping pods and supplying them to caravan parks, campsites and landlords who are seeking to make a residual income. Our surf shacks, beach huts, camping pods as well as fishing and shooting lodges are all weather, custom built eco-friendly and affordable which have got all the comfort required for modern living.

Our unique design symbolizes quality and provides a stylish leisure space for couples, families and individuals in any weather. Eurodita timber houses provides an efficient way to enjoy a more relaxing break in a peaceful surrounding while assisting to fully recharge the batteries.

When compared to other conventional brightly coloured caravans or white canvas tents, Eurodita log cabins present a more positive aesthetic and a less obstructive impact even on the environment in which it is situated. They give strong appeal to those who love and cherish to be outdoors and who are also not keen on the disadvantages and negative aspects to which traditional canvas camping is often associated with.

With an Eurodita timber house, you are bound to enjoy splendid outdoor events throughout all seasons of the year with safe assurance that you will never be rubbed from a warm comfy dry bed when you return. This form of luxury camping which is also known as glamping is becoming more and more popular, why not take a chance today and be part of this indescribable experience of fantasy.

Exquisitely designed with comfort in mind, Eurodita log cabins have got roofs are specially made in such a way that the sound of heavy rains cannot be heard. In other words, they have the tendencies to reduce hard noise and sounds that come as a result of heavy rains thereby enhancing maximum comfort.

Eurodita log cabins can be easily detached and rejoined. In fact, they can be supplied in a full assembled state or in a dissembled manner for anyone to assemble. Eurodita log cabins are attractive glamping pods that are manufactured with full quality making them suitable for even businesses that seek to get them added on their campsite so as to enjoy a little glamping experience.

Whether you are seeking to purchase big or small camping pods Eurodita has got it all!