Kota Grill Cabins

Kota Grill Cabins

How many times has it literally “rained on your parade” and you had to cancel a barbecue party? Homeowners generally have BBQ equipment in their gardens and backyards, but any hopes of barbecuing is dashed the moment it rains or a storm starts brewing. Kota grill cabins perfectly combat this problem by allowing you to participate in your favorite pastime throughout the year.

Superior construction

Kota grill cabins are exclusively for BBQ purposes. There is a single space inside with rounded wall boards and ample ventilation in the form of double glass windows and an adjustable chimney so you don’t feel suffocated after a while. Of course, the focal point is the spectacular indoor grill and cooking platforms situated at the center of the room. This area is surrounded by wooden benches, which can be padded with mattresses and accessorized with throw pillows and cushions. It creates a camping type of ambiance, where you sit around the fire roasting marshmallows, only this time it will be different types of food.

Only the best for you!

Using Kota Grill cabins not only allows you to BBQ under extreme conditions like rain or snow, but also prevents nasty bugs and insects from bothering you, which happens frequently outdoors. The premium quality Nordic wood does a fantastic job of protecting against harsh weather, while retaining its sturdiness and durability for years to come. Sourced from spruce trees, the wood can withstand fluctuating temperatures without letting it affect its structure. Integrating Bitumen shingles onto the roof design, imparts additional stability to the cabin, thereby enhancing its longevity.

Last but not the least, they can be locked with a key to grant you privacy and provide security at the same time. Grill and BBQ to your hearts content – not even the weather can stand in your way!