Join Eurodita and Know You Are Working With the Best!

Join Eurodita and Know You Are Working With the Best!

Welcome to team Eurodita! We are a proud Nordic timber manufacturing company that produces the highest quality Nordic timber products, including a wide range of Nordic timber structures, dwellings and furniture. We offer predesigned and custom designed Nordic timber log homes, deluxe log cabins, wooden hot tubs, elegant garden furniture, exceptional Nordic timber wooden play houses, and much, much more! See a complete list of current products below, or visit our website for the most current information on new products as they become available.
Join Eurodita and Know You Are Working With the Best!

Become a Dealer, Trader or Seller of Exceptional Nordic Timber Products Today!

A new year brings new opportunities and new visions of success. Success is precisely what you will have as a dealer selling Eurodita manufactured Nordic timber products! We are a staunchly European company that has grown into a globalized organization with branches in over 50 countries. We welcome the opportunity to work with talented new professionals in our expanding dealer network.

Join Eurodita and Know You Are Working With the Best!
B2B customers Eurodita

With decades of expertise in dealing exclusively with B2B customers, we have created streamlined processes in design, development, communication, quality control and customer support that are tailored to suit the requirements and targets of our growing market. We spend time understanding the needs of each of our dealers and take pride in crafting our products to meet those needs.

Eurodita Guarantees Exceptional Products and Complete Customization, Including Branding!

Join Eurodita and Know You Are Working With the Best!
Standard log Cabins

We know that the wood-based structure and furniture sector grows to suit the changing trends and needs of people. Through the diversification of our product range, we have consistently provided wood-based structures and types of furniture that people need. Flexibility is one of our strengths and we can guarantee you a high level of customization. If you wish to sell our products under your brand name, purchase fully bespoke cabins or bespoke furniture, we can provide the level of customization you need. We can add your brand name and logo to our products or offer you excellent customer support to develop a range of fully bespoke structures or furniture.

We understand that in the highly competitive wood–based structure and furniture sector one must consistently offer exceptional products in order to build a competitive edge.  The Eurodita vision has always been to consistently offer better products and services to our valued customers.

Venture Into Success With Eurodita!

Join Eurodita and Know You Are Working With the Best!
Standard log Cabins

Here at Eurodita we have been manufacturing the finest Nordic wood furniture since 1991. We work only with traders and wholesalers, and we know what it takes to be excellent partners in the Nordic timber business. Great business does mean great business partnerships.  We use only the best Grade A Nordic timber for all of our products, we offer a 100% quality guarantee, fast production terms, and direct delivery service! If you have custom service needs, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what you specifically need to make our Nordic timber products available to your customers. At Eurodita, we are always searching for new ways to be #1!


B2B customers

Products Currently Offered:

  • Log garages

  • Log houses

  • Play houses

  • Standard log Cabins

  • Bespoke Log cabins

  • Twin skin log cabins

  • Wooden garden furniture

  • Wooden hot tubs

  • Wooden pavilions

  • Wooden Playgrounds

  • Laminated log houses

  • Grill kota cabins

  • Camping pods

  • Log cabins and sheds

  • wooden play houses

  • Wooden carports

Eurodita Contact Information:

Contact us at Eurodita today and discuss how easy it is to become a dealer in the finest Nordic timber products available in the world! Call +370-698-72755 right now to begin planning your Nordic timber product sales business. Eurodita is proud to welcome you into a successful business partnership that can begin right now!

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Eurodita Log Cabins

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Kaunas, LT-44248