Eurodita Camping Pods Provide Great Results for Smart Dealers

Eurodita Camping Pods Provide Great Results for Smart Dealers

Camping pods are part of a hot trend throughout Europe and worldwide. Enthusiasts have coined the word “glamping” to mean “glamourous camping.” It is a form of eco-tourism that takes the best of tent camping, and adds some comforts of home to an outdoor holiday. Eurodita provides the quality you have come to expect in providing top of the line camping pods for a wide variety of customers and locations.

Quality Nordic timber complements the beauty of natural surroundings. The curved design of Eurodita Camping Pods also evokes a communion with nature that your customers seek for their outdoor adventure. These wooden huts are simple, with a rustic appearance that so-called “glampers” love.

Eurodita’s igloo-style camping pods are shaped to withstand strong winds. The bitumen roofing makes the pods wind and water resistant. Outdoor enthusiasts can arrive at their destination in any weather, at any time of day, and find their shelter to be warm, dry, and ready for their arrival. They will not have to worry about pitching a tent in the dark or rain. After a long journey, or an exciting day in the fresh air, they can lay out their bedding and relax, or sleep comfortably, in no time at all.

Eurodita Camping Pods Provide Great Results for Smart Dealers Eurodita Camping Pods Provide Great Results for Smart Dealers Eurodita Camping Pods Provide Great Results for Smart Dealers

Most camping pods are outfitted with small timber decking outside the front door, which serves as a place to keep muddy or wet belongings. It can also be a place for quiet reflection at the end of an exciting day.

Depending on your customers’ camping location, pods can be insulated with stone wool for extra comfort, using natural materials. The windows are double-glazed, with argon-filled doors and windows for strength and warmth. Often, there is no need (or desire) for electricity. The design and materials allow for the right temperature according to local weather conditions. Floor paneling raises campers slightly from the ground, to keep them dry and warm as they rest, or lie awake together, listening to wilderness sounds, and happily reminiscing about their day.

Camping pods are much more secure than a tent. Eurodita provides double-lock doors at the front of the pod. The sturdy wooden construction keeps out unwanted visitors – including the odd wandering bear, looking for an easy snack of camping food.

This type of Eurodita wooden structure allows for the intimacy that your customers enjoy about camping. The space inside is small, but cozy. Pods are designed to accommodate two to five people comfortably. The smallest Eurodita camping pod is 2.5m2. Sizes vary according to the style you choose, but essentially, the camping pod is designed for sleeping well in a safe place.

Using the same, classic arc design, Eurodita also offers sauna pods, made from quality Nordic spruce. Your customers can enjoy the rich tradition of this healthy practice, together with friends and family. Eurodita provides the complete package for creating a truly luxurious, heartwarming “glamping” customer experience.

Smart Dealers Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep.

That’s Why they Get All Their Log Structures From Eurodita

Eurodita is your go-to B2B manufacturer of camping pods and camping saunas. It is easy to choose a design from our selection that will fit your customer needs with quality and value. We are always available to answer your questions and to discuss your business objectives. Contact us for further information. You can also visit our FAQ page, or chat with us, live, online.

Explore our entire site for ideas about Eurodita products that will complement your customers’ camping pod interest. We also build wooden furniture and innovative play houses in the same high quality and aesthetic of Nordic timber.

Do you love the opportunity you see with Eurodita? We are excited to expand our operation by building a team of dedicated, enthusiastic dealers throughout Europe. Consider joining us for a career in a growing eco-friendly industry.

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