About us: Lodging Products

Founded in 1994, Eurodita Log Structures has been noted to be the go to business to business partner for companies that want to expand their lodging inventory. Underlining the importance of excellent low-cost products, impeccable client service, and quality products that will attract your customers, Eurodita Log Structures has had a significant influence in Europe and other areas of the world.

Why Eurodita Log Structures Is Different

As wholesale leaders, we understand that business-to-business marketing is more than just transferring our log cabins to you. We emphasize the importance of cultivating an ongoing relationship with a continuous emphasis on a more consultative experience. We educate our retailers about our new lodging products, providing merchandise support, and making sure that you have optimal inventory for your business.

We understand that our customers want to stay informed, but at the righ frequency. We have a harmonious relationship with our business-to-business partners, making sure that their demands are met without bombarding them.

Several years in the lodging and cabin business have allowed us to gain a thorough knowledge of our product, as well as our competition. We understand that not being educated enough can have an adverse impact on not only your customers but in all of our business to business transactions.
We are beyond price-sensitive, as we also value service. Many lodging businesses tried to take a portion of our competition – but our dedication to quality service has allowed us to recognize the power of exemplary customer service.

The principles of Eurodita Log Structures We prosper because we are proactive when it comes to our business-to-business partners, and we underline the importance of immediate improvements with our products. We offer a extensive, profound insight when it comes to understanding the lodging and cabin industry and the unique needs of it. We emphasize the importance of transparency, sharing information and ideas that help clients better compete in their particular niche. We built a foundation that that has allowed our business-to-business partners to come back to us.

We are consultative when it comes to the sales process. We understand our customers want more information when it comes to securing our products, information about our construction, as well as information about our customer service after the transaction is complete. We make tracking and deadlines a priority. A tracking system allow us to complete and process orders efficiently, increasing sales numbers year to year. This allowed us to build strong customer relationships across Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. As a wholesale distributor of lodging products, we track order history, discounting, sales performance and reporting, and where your product is in the supply chain.

Eurodita Log Structures will always meet and exceed the needs of our retailers. As a leader in serving smart dealers, we have the product differentiation, the customer service, and the track record that has allowed us to stay relevant for decades. We offer exclusive dealership, where your company receives our products for your private label on the merits that no other dealer will be supplied with our lodging products in your area. This exclusive dealership will ensure that you experience the power of Eurodita Log Structures, without your competitors getting the upper hand. Our genuine attention to detail also heralded us as a top wholesaler in the region. At least once every two months we pay a visit to our dealers and collect customer feedback on our products. We understand that there is always room for improvement, as we keep tabs on the changing needs of our clients, the industry, and business-to-business partners. We even won a legal case against a Dutch company that attempted to stop our products from entering the European market, trying to sue us on false accusations. Many companies are afraid of our superior products. The real winners are smart dealers who understand our market saturation and how we became influencers in the international market.

Eurodita Log Structures is about Product Differentiation

Eurodita Log Structures underlines the importance of supplier and delivery of superior log cabins. All of our log cabins is made out of premium Nordic timber, giving you quality assurance. One of our more popular products is our interlocking log cabins. Compared to wooden sheds, our interlocking log cabins underline the importance of security and safety. These cabins can be used for different purposes, as it can be used to house your patio furniture or to safeguard personal items against vandalism. Some even use our interlocking log cabins as guest homes or a summer home. Not only are our interlocking log cabins known for their structural durability, but it's also an affordable investment, as it tends to be a popular item with our business-to-business customer and their clients.

Our twin skin cabin is also a popular item. If you're looking for insulated cabins that are affordable and sure to be a hit with your customers, then consider investing in one of our skin cabins. Our twin skin cabins are insulated, making them a viable log cabin for cold winters. A much better option than single skin cabins, twin skin cabins offers more privacy as well since the walls of the cabin tend to absorb noise. Single skin cabins, albeit easily installed and much more affordable, tend to skimp on insulation and the noise cancelation. Our twin skin log cabins can also be used to lower heating costs or as an enclosure for swimming pools. It ambient temperatures stay higher for longer, especially when compared to single skin cabins.

Our Catalog of Products

There are many types of wood when it comes to building log cabins. Even though you can ask for any what type of your choice, we specialize in Nordic timber as it tends to perform better at various temperatures and settings. We understand that our business-to-busness partners want different structures and wood types when it comes to their products. We offer various choices when it comes to your requirements.

Founded in 1994, Eurodita Log Structures has more than two decades of experience. A Lithuania-based company, our company, is built on unparalleled dedication to the interests of our business-to-business partners. We have developed a global organization with branches in over 50 countries, with our base quickly spreading. We understand that our clients have customers that require impeccable timber products while still being able to turn a profit. More and more smart retailers are realizing our efficient solutions when it comes to these challenges.