About us Eurodita

About Us

Our story began in 1994 with dedication and team work. Our loyalty and dedication soon paid off. In two decades we have grown from a small hard working company to an internationally renowned business.
Through the years we have been privileged to do business with over 50 countries. At Eurodita we organized and started branches to supply the demand we have been given. Our strongest business connections are now in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.
Through the years the demand has grown exponentially for log cabins and buildings. We provide a variety of storage and log homes. Our log houses and cabins have been in demand for many years and we are only growing stronger as our demand increases. Providing these well-built wooden stuctures has been a great service to provide our international clientele. Hard work and dedication drive us to success as we keep on in our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality wooden structures at a low cost to our international clients. We strive not only to provide high quality structures but also to give excellent customer satisfaction. We feel a great business gives back into their clientele. Our clients have made us a great success and we want to continue in this great Lithuanian tradition for quality service and production for many years to come.
Our connection to success has been our business clientele and through the years it has proven to be our most successful endeavor. Our clients have come to understand that we are about making great timber structures that last and last through the years. Our wholesale and retail clients have come to love our variety of log homes, cabins and storage sheds.
When you make a great product the news travels fast and we are growing even more with markets in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and Sweden. The demand for our excellent quality keeps on growing as it has from the years we began Eurodita. We will strive for excellence in our business model to the delight of our new customer base and our past clientele who return for repeat business.
We want our business to be a lasting monument in the international business arena for years to come. As we strive for that excellence our clients come back time and again for the quality that only we can provide. Eurodita is proud to offer customer satisfaction in every purchase order we handle. Our loyalty and dedication remains strong today and we will continue to provide the best for our clients for years to come.

Dealer's Corner

At Eurodita our log cabins and storage cubicles are second to none. We will meet the needs and specifications of our wholesale and retail business connections with quality made products and continuity. We pride ourselves on being the leader in servicing smart dealers. Our company slogan reflects that sentiment and we stand behind it. Our connection to smart dealers remains strong because we deliver great products and excellent customer satisfaction.
Eurodita offers a large variety of log structures made with Nordic Timber. We use only the finest quality of Nordic Timber for our production. Our materials are FSC certified and guaranteed for excellence.

High End Quality Production

Our production line is computerized and handled by our Quality control Team. Having a great team to handle all of our customized designs has given us the ability to produce superior log structures. Our express production has given us the ability to satisfy the growing demand and delivering our best to our dealer clientele.
We deliver our own products with our own transport fleet. Our growing demand has made us self-sufficient which gives you the confidence that your order is handled all the way through with our guarantee of excellence.
Our customized design team delivers a pre-production sneak preview drawing so that our customers will be happy with the design they have ordered. Our products are privately labeled especially for resale at retail establishments.
We offer our dealers a better price wholesale for more profit margin allowance in retail sales. The whole goal of business success is profit margin. Our product line offers tailored customer service to our clients with low cost to improve profit margins exponentially for our dealers. Eurodita offers more service and quality for less money and larger profit margins for successful smart dealers.

Exclusive Dealership Club

We offer our dealers a special deal that is hard to refuse. Join our exclusive club and become the only dealer in your area to offer our private label products. Be the first in your area to sell our products and you can own the rights to your private label retail sales. We will guarantee that your sales are exclusive to your area alone.
We also visit with our dealers once a month to ensure high quality delivery and production. Visiting in person gives our dealers the edge on new orders and fresh new product design ideas. We can enlarge our products to fit the demand of retail sales for our dealers.

Competitive Edge for Smart Dealers

Our pricing gives our dealers the advantage over their competition. We offer lower prices to our dealers giving the ultimate lift up over competitive pricing. Our dealers can offer lower pricing on the sales floor with larger profit margins. Give your customers what they love with our customized wooden products that provide beauty and protection for years to come.
As one of our exclusive dealers you can offer a variety of over 600 products with our exclusive product line. We offer products that mix and match with each other giving your customers the advantage of adding their specific designs to their private collections of wooden products.
There is nothing greater than repeat business and our dealers are able to offer and provide the same quality design every time for our customers. Our quality only improves through the years.

Global Leaders in Wooden Product Manufacturing

Eurodita is the leading global manufacturing for log houses, log cabins and our wide variety of accessories. Our success is because we offer products that are completely unique for our customers. Customers can design their own homes, cabins, furniture, car ports and even hot tubs to their specifications. Eurodita offers production to delivery service that no other company can deliver.
From the desk of our designers to your door we oversee everything so that our customers enjoy the end product every time. Our customers come from all over the world for our high end quality designs and Nordic Spruce wooden structures. There is a reason we have been in business for so many years and that is our business model which has made Eurodita the leading global manufacturer of wooden structures.