About Eurodita Log Structures

Eurodita Log Structures was founded in 1994 in Lithuania, and has since built its company reputation as the premier supply choice for retailers and dealers throughout the world. From materials sourcing to product delivery, our products stand tall in the global economy. Our private label low cost products have great margin potential, and we offer high quality client service for first inquiry to post-delivery assistance. Best of all, we promise you a good night's sleep, free of worry about end-customer complaints.Eurodita is a first class reliable manufacturer of a vast array of log and timber structures. Our BBQ Huts - available from economy to premium class - have chimney and ventilation systems, and offer fun as well as great comfort in any kind of weather. Our Log Cabins and Sheds show off the richest assortment of the finest Nordic timber, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and include bespoke log houses, Timber Granny flats, and sheds of all sizes. Our Log Cabins offer extraordinary clean lines and easy construction, while maintaining the highest standards for eco-friendly design. We've been making our laminated Log Houses for 20 years, and guarantee that each cabin is ingeniously designed to allow for easy assembly, using specially configured wood materials. Our Camping Pods are cozy and durable self-contained buildings, which protect you from the environment while also providing a cozy rustic retreat.Moving outside to the Back yard and garden, our Garden Summer Houses are made from superior quality premium class Nordic timber. These Summer Houses, available in various shapes and sizes, are built without finger joints, and enhance the beauty of your garden area. We make a varied assortment of Wooden Garden Furniture, which offer you a great range of style and functionality, while maintaining a traditional and nostalgic feel. Our wooden furniture ranges from traditional rectangular tables to beautiful rounded pieces, and from a small grouping of benches for private conversations to larger benches and tables for group sitting. Our Wooden Play Houses and Furniture provide a safe and durable place for children to play. While the adults sit and talk at our wooden picnic tables, the children can play on the swings or in the sturdily constructed sand box.What is more luxurious than sitting outside under the stars in our rustic, luxurious Hot Tubs? Although their wooden and paneled appearance will make you make think of log cabins and hardwood floors, these hot tubs have a great deal of depth, and plenty of armrest room for drinks, food, books, and more. Eurodita also offers Polypropylene Hot Tubs. Our Wooden Pavilions provide affordable, quality, durable structures for entertaining, relaxing, or enjoying a day outdoors . Our line of wooden pavilions range from open pavilions to fully enclosed structures, with glass windows and doors, and are backed by a 10 year Anti Rot Guarantee.With over two decades of activity in the log cabins industry, Eurodita is proud to be a global organization with branches in over 50 countries. Our dealer network is strongest in Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands, but we are currently consolidating our positions in the Australian, New Zealand, German, French, Swedish and Norwegian markets. Dealers are currently faced with satisfying the increasing demand of consumers for our impeccable log and timber products, while still managing to make a profit. Our B2B - Business-to-business - benefits will assist smart dealers, as well as our Dealer Program, which arranges for you to receive our products for Private Label, with the understanding that no other dealer will sell our product in your area.Some of our B2B benefits are:While most competitors are using thinner wood (28 or 35), we use a thicker, stronger and more durable option (46 mm) for our Eurodita Camping Pods. These Pods, rot-proof and thermo-proof, are produced from high-quality Nordic spruce, and can be marketed as cozy mini-hotels for campers. Sauna pods, fully insulated pods, and pods with internal furniture are also available; plus, they have double-lock doors to maximize security. Eurodita is probably the only player in the market that manufactures not only standard design, but also custom design BBQ huts. They come together with BBQ systems (from economy to premium class) and can be marketed as eco-friendly. Eurodita is unique in using glued laminated timber, offering great ventilation, and 30% stronger thermal resistance, for our Laminated Log Houses. These Log Houses are not your ordinary "weekend" cabins; they are outstanding "year round" houses, perfect for an inspired, comfortable way of living. Eurodita offers a greater assortment, and lower prices, for our Log Cabins andSheds, which means a greater margin potential for smart dealers. There are a large variety of standard design log cabins and sheds to choose from, guaranteeing that every dealer will find the models that fit the needs of his or her end-customers. Our Log Garages are lower priced, while maintaining high quality, and this means greater margin potential for smart dealers. Every log house needs a wooden garage, and this superb product is often purchased together with a log cabin or a log house. Each of our Log Houses is designed and manufactured individually according to the ideas/drawings of the client. We have a strong team of architects at our disposal, that will take care of all necessary calculations and permissions, so that the log house meets all local standards and legal requirements. Eurodita's certified Play Houses have an unparalleled reputation, and are trusted all across Europe. They are widely used in kindergartens, schools, and shopping malls. Your customers will love our swing sets, playhouses, picnic tables, sandboxes, and more. All structures are made from quality durable premium Nordic timber, and child safety is of paramount consideration. Our Wooden Carports, lower priced, but of excellent quality, provide a greater margin potential for smart dealers. Our best-selling product, the Standard Cabins, represent time-tested quality and value. Eurodita's cost optimization has made them extremely popular among dealers. It is important to note that we sell these cabins in large quantities only. Extra features are available for our Hot Tubs, such as a bubble bath function, LED lights, and electric heaters. Our tubs are made of high quality thermo pinewood, and the heaters may be located internally or externally.