7 interesting facts, which probably did not know about the log home

Who are these log houses? How do they look like? Why now are they so popular and often discussed? A lot of questions to which the answer a few sentences not escape.

We simply want to say clearly and ask them to keep in mind a few important things.

Log houses are built for thousands of years. It is not anything new. New is the construction and wood processing methods, but the house remains the same - to find out.

We invent a log house. It does not inventors, but designers have drawn house plan and present production. Everything else - the masters of our daily work. Incoming, ready to offload part, assembly, raised as a crown, we close the roof, ceilings, and other things and pass on to the customer.

In a seemingly simple, there are some things that people probably do not know. We want them to share.

1. Log houses - movable property? No, we did not do grammatical errors. In the Middle Ages log houses were considered to be movable property, as is now the cars. Now houses are considered real estate, but hundreds of years ago it was thought that a log house at any time, can be dismantled, parts transported to another location or Carriage by ship and back again everything fit. In theory, such a process is possible with modern log house, but in practice it is enormous and very resource-consuming exercise.


2. The maximum Rustical house - nearly 2,500 square meters. m. 1919-1923 year, one American banker decided to build a summer residence. He hired 22 architects, which over the years has developed and built Granot Loma - the largest log house in the world, with an area of 2,415 square meters. m. Brick house such a large area of the impression and maybe does not, however, a wooden structure in such a house - a true architectural masterpiece.
3. 60 percent. Japanese living in wooden houses. Research states that almost 60 per cent. Japanese living in wooden houses. A nation that is famous for its technology uses wooden and especially log houses? Very strange ... but only for us. They build wooden houses for several important reasons. Ecology - not the most important. As you know, in Japan every year hundreds of earthquakes occur. Only a wooden house is able to withstand seismic shocks, because the house can move through writing Fits several centimeters without losing stability. Japanese for centuries improved housing art from which we can learn and we will.
4. The log house - 5500 years. Log houses are built quite recently, compared to the rise of human beings. The researchers argue that the first log houses in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe was still under construction in the Bronze Age - 3500 years before the birth of Christ. By the time our ancestors lived in caves, tents, earth holes, but these dwellings were not so appealing. It is logical to start building log houses namely before 5500 years. After all, that's when people learned metal work and noted that the sharp edges of the metal band treated bad cuts the tree. For easy axes to chop the paper thickness took a lot of time, not to mention the treatment ...
5. Lithuania - the birthplace of log houses. Scientists agree: log houses emerged in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries and Russia. So, we are confident that Lithuania is the birthplace of log houses, though not a major. We can be proud, as proud of our amber, which is known all over the world. Why here? The answer is quite simple - we have very contrasting seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter, so people need to be extremely efficient housing. After all, Africa is enough simple shed ... Another reason - pines and cedars. It was at this latitude pine and cedar are numerous. After all, it is difficult to build a house from the folded apple and cypress. And pine, spruce, fir, larch, cedar - perfectly straight and tall trees with a trunk diameter varies very little altitude.
6. Missing art - carving. In ancient times, log houses were Carve and carve all kinds of ornaments. And now? It is already clear that the carving and cutting is an endangered art form. Modern building houses without any decoration - the owners leave them in imagination. Unfortunately, the majority of log home owners do not invest in authentic engravings and carvings, and art, we came up with ourselves, by ourselves and euthanized. Sad to admit, but the way it is ...
7. Mass production - from the 1880s them. 1880 Norwegians started producing log houses blanks and export to other countries. There was even a preform catalogs for the customer to choose how much and what parts need to house them and download. Now we do the same thing we do, so it is safe to say that our business is not no Startup - all processes have been developed further in the 19th century.