Eurodita strikes deal with export marketing agency

Eurodita strikes deal with export marketing agency The log cabins manufacturer Eurodita currently exports to 50 countries worldwide. The majority of exports go to the markets of the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, and Australia. “To match the growing international demand for our products, we had to do two things,” said Mr. Rolanas Kutra, th... More on this story here.

How To Build Your Ideal Log House

Whether you want to build a log house for use as your primary residence, a vacation property, or a holiday let, building your very own log house can be a rewarding experience. Just imagine how proud you’ll feel when you step foot inside a solid wood structure that you’ve created with your very own hands! Planning Your Log House BuildCrafting your... More on this story here.

7 interesting facts, which probably did not know about the log home

Who are these log houses? How do they look like? Why now are they so popular and often discussed? A lot of questions to which the answer a few sentences not escape. We simply want to say clearly and ask them to keep in mind a few important things. Log houses are built for thousands of years. It is not anything new. New is the construction and wood processing methods,... More on this story here.

Custom wooden house – our daily routine

Probably when looking at our catalog in the log cabin models you thought that everything is standardized. At first glance, this is because of our manufacturing process is very strongly standardized in order to reach the most effective results, but .. always able to produce custom log home according to customer needs and custom. House, especially resident... More on this story here.

Have built a log house? What’s next?

You have built a garden house? Do you want to allow a comfortable summer evenings by the fireplace, or maybe invite friends and enjoy the special atmosphere, which creates a log house? I wish that it would be more successfully completed the construction of residential projects – the house owner should be aware of the important aspects that should carr... More on this story here.

Log houses = organic house?

Often talking about log homes emphasize environmental sustainability, as one of its key advantages. Okay, so we are builders, not lawyers and can afford to use broad terms … Lawyers who are accuracy and clarity are important, would not agree with us. But it later. Are all log houses are environmentally friendly? The dilemma we face as manufacturers o... More on this story here.

Enjoying the Outdoors in the Height of Luxury

For some, the only thing getting in the way of getting out into the great outdoors is the thought of going out into the great outdoors. Indeed, even the most avid of outdoorsy types, however, can appreciate the perks and comforts of a “quality” camping experience. Indeed, the desire to combine the comforts of home with the sights, sounds, and sme... More on this story here.

Eurodita largest European log cabins manufacturer

At some point, everyone dreams of living in a log cabin in the middle of a scenic wonderland. Laminated log homes may conjure up that desire within people to get back to nature and to get away from the hustle and bustle that comes with both big city life and suburbia. Most people tend to think of vacation homes as out of reach or something that only rich people enjoy... More on this story here.


This post is for all the players in the global market of log cabins. It is about a legal case between the Dutch giant Tuindeco and us, Eurodita, a fast-growing Lithuanian manufacturer. Tuindeco may have their own story.  But this is what happened. If you read to the end, you will realize that you are the real winner of this battle. In the end of 2014, Tuindeco sue... More on this story here.

Log Cabin Schoolhouses:

  Many schools across the world face the same tough challenges. On the one hand, society asks the school to be the dream institution where children are involved in as many activities as possible, both during class-time and after-class. Aside from human resources, this also requires extra building capacity. On the other hand, however, in every countr... More on this story here.

The History of Eurodita: 1993 to 2016… And Counting!

The History of Eurodita: 1993 to 2016… And Counting! This blog post is a succinct overview of our company’s history. As a manufacturer producing for b2b clients across the globe, we understand that nothing is more important in our line of business than reputation and trust. And nothing inspires trust more than an honest and transparent public reflecti... More on this story here.


4 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR PRIVATE LABEL POLICY At Eurodita Log Structures, we often receive queries which we cannot answer in a positive way due to our private label commitments. For example, an end-customer wants to purchase a single BBQ hut. Or a dealer in the UK asks to inform him about retailers of our product operating in his/her vicinity so that h... More on this story here.

The Health Benefits of Teaming up with Eurodita

The Health Benefits of Teaming up with Eurodita Throughout decades of experience in the log cabins industry, we have noticed a remarkable phenomenon. After teaming up with Eurodita, dealers and retailers of log structures improve their health and general wellbeing, as well as their profits. This is no laughing matter. Keep reading to uncover the mechani... More on this story here.

ten sound reasons why dealers love doing business with us


sizable profit

100 % of our dealers earn a profit of a minimum of 20 % during the first year of co-operation with Eurodita.

What these smart dealers do is source a premium product for a low price and add a sizable margin on top of it. And their end-customers are never disappointed.


Prime quality

100 % of our dealers report to be happy with the quality of our log structures.

Only the finest Nordic timber, certified by the FSC, is used in production. And all production processes are fully compute- rized to avoid human errors.


piece of mind

99 % of our dealers are sleeping better after having teamed up with Eurodita.
Their orders are never late. And they no longer have to hear their end-customers complaining about missing or defective parts.


herculean assortment

96 % of our dealers are satisfied with Eurodita’s impressive product range.

We offer more than 600 unique standard products. Smart dealers can also order custom designed products. For this type of orders, we offer full pre-production drawings.


lightning fast delivery

95 % of our dealers have never experienced a delay on their orders from Eurodita.

In a tough market of delivery services, we always find a way. You will have the products at your warehouse in one to four weeks depending on order size and specifics.


private label

100 % of our dealers love our private label program.

We sell our log structures “unbranded”. You sell it under your own label which gives you great margin possibilities.


exclusive dealership

Two thirds of our dealers are interested in our exclusive dealership program.

This is an arrangement whereby you receive our products for private label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell our product in your area.


genuine attention

100 % of our dealers are delighted to receive our regular visits to their facilities.
This way we can always keep tabs on the changing needs of your end-customers, and improve our product range accordingly.


global reputation

97 % of our dealers enjoy sourcing their products from a reputed manufacturer like Eurodita.

Founded in 1994, the Lithuania-based company has developed into a global organization with branches in over 50 countries.


top-notch b2b service

97 % of our dealers are pleased with our client services. From inquiry to post-delivery assistance, you can count on us 24/7.