Wood Furniture – Infographic

Is it a good investment to buy wood furniture? Explain in an infograph below: (more…)

Maintenance Tips for Log Garages

Wooden garages are becoming popular, thanks to their immense beauty and sturdiness. More and more homeowners in Lithuania are opting for wooden garages because they’re moisture-resistant, durable, and increase the value of homes. But just because they’re durable and reliable, doesn’t mean...

Mobile homes – Infographic

The infographic below demonstrates what questions to ask when buying mobile homes... (more…)

Will Your Customers Need a Planning Permission for Their Log Cabin?

As a log cabin retailer, there goes more into running a successful business than just providing your customers high-quality log cabins. You must also be able to guide them on all things related to log cabins and answer any questions that they may have about adding a log cabin to their property. One common question that people often ask about log cabins is: ...

Few “Key” Pointers for Retailers for Wooden Garden Sheds Shopping

Wooden garden sheds are well-loved for a variety of reasons.They are stylish, durable and environmental friendly, and can be used for almost anything—from storing garden supplies and toolsto serving as a hobby shed where great ideas are sculpted to life.