About Eurodita

Headquartered in Lithuania, Eurodita is a global company that undertakes to make a difference in the log structure industry. We have been strengthening our market positions in the B2B sector since 1994 and are currently considered to be one of the leading manufacturers on the whole continent. The Eurodita’s dealer network is made up of more than 50 branch offices, meaning that its capabilities are without equal in Europe. As of now, we set our sights on increasing our market share in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

Our goal

At Eurodita, we are primarily aimed at serving retailers and wholesalers by facilitating all stages of the supply chain, including procurement, sourcing, and product delivery. We are here to represent and protect the interests of smart dealers who contribute to the log structure industry development. It is of utmost importance for us to cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships with our partners so that customers all over the world can benefit from high-quality timber structures.

In order to achieve that aim, Eurodita is committed to supplying smart dealers with an ever-increasing variety of private-label log products. Nowadays, our capabilities allow us to produce: log cabins, garden sheds, camping pods, BBQ huts, timber carports, hot tubs, standard cabins, wooden playhouses, laminated log houses, glamping sauna barrels, and more. All our products are made of top-grade Nordic timber to ensure the highest level of durability and impeccable appearance.

When teamed up with Eurodita, our partners can also take advantage of the Exclusive Dealer Program. It provides you with an exclusive dealership option and makes sure you are the only dealer of Eurodita’s log structures in your area.

Our guiding principles

What makes Eurodita stand out is that we enable all our partners to benefit from long-standing B2B relationships that come down to:

To grow means to serve

23 years
in the market

Founded in 1994, the Lithuania-based company built it's reputation through an unparalleled dedication to the interests of our clients (here's a list of really great B2B benefits that every dealer will enjoy).

in 50 countries

In over two decades of activity in the log cabins industry, the company has developed into a global organization with branches in over 50 countries. Currently, our dealer network is strongest in Europe. We are currently consolidating our positions in the markets of Australia, New Zealand, USA.

the leader
in serving

The dealers operating in these well-off countries are faced with a difficult challenge of satisfying increasingly demanding consumers with impeccable log and timber products, while still making a profit. More and more dealers are discovering that the most efficient solution to their challenges is Eurodita: the leader in serving smart dealers.


What top dealers also appreciate about Eurodita is our Exclusive Dealer Program: a possible arrangement whereby you receive our products for Private Label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell our product in your area.

Smart dealers enjoy a good night’s sleep. That’s why they get all their log structures from EURODITA!


In a highly competitive global market, Eurodita stands out as the No #1 supply choice for smart dealers and retailers. From the sourcing of the materials to product delivery, all of our processes are accommodated to the interests of our B2B partners across Europe and the entire globe.

The holy trinity of b2b

In our line of business, every dealer enjoys the holy trinity of great B2B relationships:
Excellent low-cost
products with great margin
("Private label")
Impeccable client service:
from inquiry to
post-delivery assitance
And a good night's sleep.
Free from worries about
complaints from end-customers
That’s what smart wholesalers and retailers get when they team up with Eurodita, a responsible and reliable manufacturer of a rich variety of log and timber structures: Log Cabins and Sheds, Standard Cabins, Laminated Log houses, Log Houses, Camping Pods, Garden Summerhouses, Garden Furniture, Play Houses, BBQ Huts, Wooden Carports and Garages, Wooden Hot Tubs and Wooden Pavilions and many other structures produced from finest Nordic timber.