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When a home feels a little too small for comfort, it may be time to expand to something new. Millions of homeowners around the world are desperately seeking a little extra space, whether for an art studio, a relative’s visit, or an at-home office. Many people dream of a little more room to expand, but the high costs of home renovations are often a deterrent. Bu... More on this story here.

Eurodita: A Guide for Potential Dealers

About Us Founded in Lithuania in 1994, Eurodita is a premier supplier of a variety of high quality log and Nordic timber structures and furnishings to dealers in more than 50 countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union. Eurodita is a bespoke log cabins company that has provided its network of businesses with manufac... More on this story here.

Eurodita 100% FSC-Certified Nordic Timber and Log Products

Eurodita is a premiere global supplier of high-quality log cabins, pavilions, sheds, houses, buildings, and structures to businesses in Europe and around the globe. Founded in 1994 in Lithuania, Eurodita now has branch offices in more than 50 countries. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of timber playhouses, standard log cabins, timber outdoor... More on this story here.

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EURODITA is about ingrained quality, outstanding variety, rooted excellence, shared growth, flexible fulfillment and endless potential. We offer ready-made and bespoke timber and log garden structure products on a business-to-business basis. Our products are all made in Lithuania from high-grade timber glued for ultimate resilience and finished... More on this story here.