Custom wooden house – our daily routine

Probably when looking at our catalog in the log cabin models you thought that everything is standardized. At first glance, this is because of our manufacturing process is very strongly standardized in order to reach the most effective results, but .. always able to produce custom log home according to customer needs and custom. House, especially resident... More on this story here.

Have built a log house? What’s next?

You have built a garden house? Do you want to allow a comfortable summer evenings by the fireplace, or maybe invite friends and enjoy the special atmosphere, which creates a log house? I wish that it would be more successfully completed the construction of residential projects – the house owner should be aware of the important aspects that should carry out... More on this story here.

Log houses = organic house?

Often talking about log homes emphasize environmental sustainability, as one of its key advantages. Okay, so we are builders, not lawyers and can afford to use broad terms … Lawyers who are accuracy and clarity are important, would not agree with us. But it later. Are all log houses are environmentally friendly? The dilemma we face as manufacturers of log... More on this story here.